While heel pain is quite a common foot problem for people at all age, here this article explains the key podiatry treatments prevailing today for heel pain.

Heel pain is one of the most prevalent foot problems affecting teenagers, adults as well as older persons. Even though the problem looks mild in the first stage, it can grow havoc if left untreated. The main cause of the heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis, acute inflammation in the ligament tissue which runs from the heel to the toe. Pain in the heel is felt as the sharp pain of an inflicting needle at the bottom of the heel and is consistent in the morning or the time after the foot was at prolonged rest. If you have felt the similar pain ever, we bet you have searched for “podiatrist near me” to get some assured treatments or therapy for the problem. Well, we are here to discuss them. The key podiatry treatments that are prescribed and practised by the doctors to ease the heel pain are discussed next.

#1 Medication

The first attempt to treat heel pain, irrespective it is mild or severe is medication. Podiatrists always try to cure the pain with medicines, especially non-steroidal drugs. They are specially prescribed to heal the inflammation on the plantar fascia tissue. So, if you are lucky enough to get the heel pain due to plantar fasciitis, then it is curable easily with medicines of few dosages for over a week. However, in case the drugs are ineffective because the inflammation is severe, then steroid injection helps.

#2 Soothing physical therapy

Exercising is the key to every type of body pain and heel pain counts too. So, seeing a physical therapist is considered as an assured heel pain treatment. They will recommend particular exercises of stretching that will relax the tissues of plantar fasciitis, and the muscles running from the lower leg to the heel area and from the toes to the heel bone. They might also recommend you light massage with topical solutions, and contrast bath regularly to soothe the heel pain.

#3 Custom Orthotics

Rough or misfit shoes are chief causes of heel spurs which result in the pain. Thus, you need to take extra attention in choosing your footwear. Podiatrists suggest custom orthotic insoles and special shoes that help in guarding and cushioning the heel against the rough surface. Podiatry clinics diagnose the heel spur and customise the shoe wear by matching them with the contour of the feet.

#4 Surgery

This is the last resort to treat heel pain when no therapies are effective and the pain gets unbearable with days. The surgery is done to take off the plantar fasciitis of the heel pain. The surgery takes least time and you will ready to move, only with the help a splint or special boot.

#5 Shockwave therapy

Even though the term suggests that you might go through a lot of pain in this therapy, it is actually not and it will stun your nerves so that the pain ceases to exist. Shockwave therapy will send off sound waves to the plantar fasciitis which help in increasing the blood flow to the feet and heel.

With all these guaranteed treatments available, heel pain will never be an obstacle in your cheerful life. Thus, when you search for ‘podiatrist near me’ on your phone or desktop, make sure that you choose the best local podiatrist clinic that offers all these treatment facilities because you certainly do not know which one will be needed for your heel pain.

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The Author is an expert practising podiatrist at a reputed local clinic in Sydney who is specialised in heel pain treatment. Having experience over 15 years, he is the right person to go to if you have searched for ‘podiatrist near me’ sitting in Sydney.