Ever experienced that wretched moment when your pricey iPhone slips from your palms and falls in slow motion and then cracks BADLY. Or, when you’re watching Netflix on the go and find that your display freezes- OUT OF THE BLUE...!

Instances like that are enough to trigger a momentary shock and make you want to pull your hair out in utter frustration. It is something no cell phone user wants to experience, but the irony of it is that they all have to, at some point. in one way or another. The worst part of them is that they cannot be avoided- only experienced.

Here’s A Take On 5 Of The Commonest iPhone Issues Which Users Experience From Time To Time. 

  • Display Cripples Or Cracks:-

The first and foremost issue, which is common among iPhone users is the cracking or crippling of the screen. To make things worse, most users continue using it, till the time they feel to repair it.

Doing so does your device more harm than good. So, the smart thing would be to take your device to a reliable iPhone repair shop in your area and get it’s cracked screen repaired or replaced ASAP. 

Prompt actions, when faced with a cracked screen issue, will help save lots of money in its inevitable repairs.

  • iPhone Gets Water Damaged:-

Moisture or water exposure stands as the biggest adversary for electronic items- and your iPhones aren’t any different! If accidentally you have dropped your pricey device in a pool of water or your toiler commode, then you should look to do these 2 things first. 

  1. Wipe off whatever excess water trickles down from your device.
  2. Don’t turn on the device, as it could cause a bad short-circuit. 

Also, DON’T put it in a bowl of rice as it doesn’t do you any good. Rather, it allows more dust particles to get into your device and worsen the damage.

Allow 48-72 hours for your device to dry off, and then try and switch it on. If it works, then you’re lucky. But, if it doesn’t, then you should look to give it a professional repair immediately. 

  • Camera Doesn’t Work As It Should:-

iPhone cameras don’t work if there are some restrictions enabled. If you aren’t sure, you can rummage through the setting-general instructions and turn the camera on. Usually, this ought to take care of the issue. However, if you find that the camera is still not working, then look to reset your device.

If the camera still shows no signs of improvement, then there could be a hardware issue lurking in your device. The wise choice would be to take it to the technicians for mobile phone repair in Brisbane to fix it. Having dealt with such issues in the past, they will know exactly what to do.

  • When The Display Screen Freezes or Becomes Unresponsive:-

Labelling as one of the commonest issues iPhone users face repeatedly, there are a couple of easy ways to fix this ( provided no serious issue plagues your device). You can reboot your device to check if the issue exists. Or, you can try a hard reset by holding down the sleep/wake option and home button together. 

It should fix the issue. But, if it doesn’t, then you can take it to your locally-respected phone repair shop to find the cause of the issue and resolve it professionally. 

  • When The Battery Power Drains Out Quickly:-

If you find that your iPhone battery is getting drained quickly, then you can look to minimise the use of your apps or streaming of movies. This should do the trick provided; there’s nothing else that’s causing the issue.

However, if you find that despite minimising the app use, your device battery is getting drained, then the smart option would be to get it checked by quality ‘mobile repair technicians near me’ specialising in all kinds of repairs. 

If any of these issues apply to your case, then without dally find a quality iPhone repair shop in Brisbane and fix an appointment immediately.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs an iPhone repair shop in Brisbane for years. Having a dedicated team of mobile phone repair technicians serving in Brisbane, the author’s shop specialises in all types of repairs and replacements at budget-friendly rates.