We know that Ramadan is just about to reach us with the blissful gifts of blessings and positivity for the entire mankind on this earth. I am sad that the whole Muslim Community is going to have a different Ramadan experience amidst the restricted atmosphere of lock down, quarantine and self-isolation. It’s because no grand social and religious gatherings would take place as long as the Corona fear persists. So we have to spend this golden spiritual time in homes

The Saudi declaration of Umrah ban was something unusual and unheard of for me. I know that millions of God fearers from all the corners of the world were waiting to fulfill their live long desire to spend this Golden month around the spiritual outskirts of the Grandest Holy Kaaba.

Dear fellas, I consider these troubling days as the real test of our Imaan or faith in Allah (SWT). It is the time to strengthen our faith in Allah’s plans and hope for the best and positive from his Rehmah. Being a God fearer Muslim I truly believe that with “Every Hardship comes Ease”. And the difficult summer time would surely be replaced with contented healthful winters Insha’Allah. So after the strenuous Corona summers you would be able to have a delightful wintry spiritual time through affordable December Umrah packages.
Now forget worries and get the best of best from the immeasurable blessings of Allah (SWT) in this holiest month.

Some Awkward Ramadan acts

I would like to lighten your mood more through the amusing things we do in Ramadan. These are the awkward acts that many of us normally do in this holiest month. So this time I suggest you to avoid these things this time in Ramadan.

Waking up Right at the Fast Keeping time

It’s very amusing scene to see your loved ones waking up right at Suhoor time and see them drowsy still summing up what is happening around them. This is what my younger brother does in Ramadan HeHe!!
Well its not a bad thing but be mindful that the Ramadan Nights are not like the ordinary ones. These are the divinely nights to praise and ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT). Strive to spend your nights in worshipping your only Creator.

Overeating in Suhoor while thinking that Iftaar is very far away

In Suhoor, some of us just busy themselves devouring as much food as they can,thinking that Iftaar is so far. And they have to spend their half day starving of food and water.

Be mindful that you wouldn’t starve to death so don’t overfill your tummy.

All the Islamic scholars and intellectuals have stated us not to be extravagant in Suhoor or Iftaar and not overstuff our stomachs with extra food. It would disturb our digestive system.

Drinking too much Water in wake of severe dehydration
Some of us drink too much water while thinking that they would suffer from the severe dehydration. This hilarious thing just ends up taking you to the toilets after every 15 minutes. So you forget to sleep. Haha.
Getting Late after the Fajar Prayer, thinking that you have missed your Fast

It is okay to get late in prayers because it’s a human error. But some us think that after getting up late after suhoor means we have missed our fast. The Islamic scholars have confirmed that Suhoor is not an obligatory fast requirement. In fact it is Mustahabb (Recommended).
If you have missed your suhoor time then don’t panic. Simply make an intention of fast keeping. Don’t consume or drink anything. Go for ablution. Offer prayer and ask your Allah’s forgiveness. Don’t miss your fast please because Allah (SWT) judges our intentions.
You wouldn’t starve. It’s obvious.

When you get Worried About your Fast during Wudhu
It was a hilarious scene to see my brother getting worried “O sis I guess some Water passed from my throat in Wudhu… What about my fast?Is my fast valid now or ended up?

This is a very common and everyday situation of every fast keeper. Its recommended to take special care of wudhu during this situation. However if some water reaches or passes from your throat unintentionally or mistakenly then don’t worry, it wouldn’t break your fast.
Trust in Allah (SWT) and Be a Good Intender

It is highly advisable to have a blind trust in Allah (SWT). He is the most merciful, sole healer and the best planner indeed. So keep your fast with the rightful virtuous intention, pray for the healing of the planet earth and leave the rest to one and only Allah (SWT).
Have a contented Ramadan.

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I am Sitara Gul, born Muslim, right now living in United Kingdom. My love for Islam is from childhood, I don’t see it as a religion but the way of my life. I love researching and writing. Currently, I am writing for Muslims holy Travel and they have some amazing range of Hajj & Umrah packages and Halal holidays too.