There seems to be something that always needs to get done in the busy world of an entrepreneur, whether it is in your personal or professional life. The list of tasks seems never-ending, especially if you are not visualizing it by writing them down. One thing that can make your workdays a lot easier and more efficient is by making a to-do list. Thankfully, in today’s Digital Age, you do not have to use a pen and paper because there are new apps launching left and right to help.

It can be overwhelming to try them all out to find the perfect one for you, which is why we researched the best to-do list apps for entrepreneurs so you don’t have to. However your work process flows, one of these apps is sure to be the perfect fit.

But, before we dive into the apps, let’s talk about what makes a great to-do list app.

Every entrepreneur has different criteria when it comes to creating and managing to-do lists. Here are key features that make the best to-do list, and that we also included when choosing the apps we are about to share.

A great to-do list should:

Make it easy to add and organize tasks. It shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to add a task and categorize it. With the exception of adding in more details within the task.

Remind you about the status of tasks. This is especially important for deadlines. You should receive a notification to your device or emails when something needs to be completed.

Have a user-friendly interface. Like any application, it should be easy to use so you can get back to completing the tasks.

Be accessible on multiple devices. Different applications will be accessible on different devices, but if you want the best app, be sure it can be used on your desktop and mobile platforms.

Offer various ways to manage tasks. It should allow you to categorize, create lists, projects, and due dates to be as efficient as possible. There are apps that offer more detailed features for your liking.


Microsoft To Do


Google Tasks

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