The marketplace for jobs is always dynamic in our country. Nothing remains stagnant and the demand for different jobs are always changing. The quintessential jobs that everyone tried to seek out have either become obsolete or have an excess supply. In these times, jobs that aren’t in the norm and those that break boundaries are the ones in demand. Such jobs can be in the form of blue collar jobs. Over the past few years, the rise in demand for blue collar jobs has seen a steady increase. These jobs range from delivery man jobs, driving jobs or even sales representatives. To better understand the importance and lucrativeness of this job sector we need to delve deep into the integrals of it. We have crafted this article to serve that very purpose so let’s get started!

What Is A Blue Collar Job?

A lot of people mix up blue collar jobs to odd jobs so it’s better to have a clear definition of it. In short, a blue collar worker is a worker who performs manual labor, this may be skilled labor or unskilled labor. Although it bears some similarities to odd jobs, it is different slightly in the sense that blue collar jobs usually concern manual labor only. These types of jobs can be of different sorts and can involve a different job description respective to each job. While some may comprise of intensive manual work, some may be relatively less. The nature of the job is highly varying upon the employer and the requirements they need to be fulfilled.

In the Bangladeshi context, some blue collar jobs are put more in the spotlight in comparison to others. With services like Pathao, Uber or Sheba XZY, the demand for certain blue collar jobs have been on the rise. Even so, there are others that are just as popular and can provide a fruitful income as well as job experience.

Breaking the norms also included redefining the stereotypes associated with blue collar jobs and how they are perceived in society. Nowadays, the youth are helping change these obsolete notions and thoughts by employing themselves in these sectors and generating a good earning from it. Not only that but these types of jobs are the ones that help develop and grow a country’s economic status.

5 Popular Blue Collar Jobs in Bangladesh:

We have decided to narrow down the top 5 blue collar jobs and what the jobs generally require the employee to do.

01. Security Guard Job

Security guard jobs involve employees providing security services to an employer. This can be for a firm or company or can be for an individual house or institution. These jobs pay well but can be counted as one of the more physically tiring jobs. They require the employee to work long hours without any significant breaks and can also be during night hours in some cases. Facilities may or may not be provided to the employee depending on the employer and what they are willing to provide. In any case, a low skill requirement is needed for these types of jobs but bear in mind the working hours before joining.

02. Driver Job

This is one of the most popular jobs in the blue collar sector. Thanks to services like Uber and Pathao, there is an increased demand for drivers. Motorbike drivers are also sought out more often these days. With the heavy traffic in the capital of the country, it’s no surprise that people are looking for alternatives to save some hours. So enrolling yourself in a driver's job can be quite lucrative in current times. Like the security guard job, driver jobs can to have longer working hours depending on the employer. Moreover, the nature of the job, whether there is long distance driving or driving around the same area numerous times, will also vary upon the employer. If it an office driver job, then expect to have longer driving schedules and if it is a personal driver job then hopefully a slightly less hectic schedule. But once again, this is all very variable. Before getting a driver's job, it can be helpful to understand why driver job is the most promising blue collar job today!

03. Delivery Man Job

Some of these apps seem to have it all! Ridesharing and food delivery apps also provide services that require delivery men and thus these jobs are also prominently popular. Not only that but online shops also require delivery services. These jobs entail a lot of physical labor and also require the employee to have a keen sense of navigation. If your direction senses are not that great then you may want to steer clear from this job! Because unlike the driver job, where you either may have someone to aid you as a passenger or can use maps, a delivery man needs to know the roads well enough to find specific houses or apartments. Nonetheless, it is a good job to get some experience and earn some money on the way.

04. Sales Representative Job

One of the oldest job in the books and it still is going strong! A sales representative job is one which is quite common and still high in demand. This is mainly because of the constant emerging of new shops and businesses that require smart sales representatives to keep their customers happy. This job is one of the hardest as it deals with direct communication with people and customers. Employees must be able to fully control their emotions as well as maintain good behavior when dealing with customers as they are what is running the businesses. There are long working hours in these jobs as well but there is an option of flexible shifts and the availability of breaks. Even so, these facilities will depend on the shop or business you apply to and their terms and conditions. Another great sales representative job is the ones in the online world. With the spread of the internet and e-commerce, online shops have been popping up almost every day and these shops also require good sales representatives to handle their virtual customer care services. This can be ideal for someone who wants this type of job without having to physically go to the shop. You can carry out customer care from the comfort of your own home through phone calls or messages on online platforms.

05. Housekeeper Job

Lastly, we have one the most demanded blue collar jobs today, housekeepers. This profession has been around for a very long time but recently the supply of employees has gone down significantly. Even so, there is a huge demand for this type of job. The job description of this job is quite versatile and can vary from long working hours and tedious work to easy work and shorter working periods. It purely depends on the employer. However, since the work is versatile, so it the pay. Depending on the work you do and the hours you work, you can ask for a higher salary. Although the work is physically straining, you can get facilities like breaks and food. Also, as the supply of workers is relatively lower, you can negotiate for a higher pay with the employer. Moreover, the competition to get in is minimal.

Benefits Of Blue Collar Jobs:

Often times have flexible working hours. Also, these hours along with the workload will depend on the employer so negotiation can be an option.
There is a low skill required for these types of jobs and whatever skills are required can be easily learned or adapted by the employee in most cases.
The pay is usually very good with these types of jobs as there is an increased demand for these jobs at the moment with a relatively lower supply.
If you work with apps like Uber and Pathao, as a driver or delivery man then you can have some control over your work time instead of answering to higher management.
The paperwork or documentation needed to apply for these jobs are comparatively easy to accumulate and manage.
Lastly, there is very little stress involved with blue collar jobs.

The Drawback Of Blue Collar Jobs:

These types of jobs comprise of intense physical labor. Not to say that you have lug around bricks! But you will have to be prepared to work long hours with short or no breaks.
The pay may not be as good as white collar jobs.

There is little scope for moving up in these types of jobs. You may not have that much personal development or career growth if you work in these jobs.

Another problem being faced in this sector is the loss of jobs due to automation or the use of robots and advanced technology.

There can be hazards associated with some of these jobs.

Where To Find Blue Collar Jobs:

Now that we have covered all the bases and have attained an in depth knowledge about blue collar jobs, let us begin to look into where we can actually find blue collar jobs. There are advertisements for blue collar jobs on newspapers or flyers which provide the basic job description and an expected salary. However, in this digital age, it can be a better idea to look on online platforms to find blue collor jobs in Bangladesh.


All in all, blue collar jobs are an asset for our country’s economic growth and development. Without these jobs and people working under these jobs, we would not be in the hopeful position we are today. So finding a blue collar job is nothing short of sensible and profitable. Bear in mind all the pros and cons we have mentioned and decide on which blue collar job you think suits you best. We hope this article was able to help you with your job seeking adventures!

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