Blogging is an effective low cost marketing strategy that can be used to promote any home business. There is a lot of information about the subject that can be found on the internet. Here are some basic blogging tips that will help you when starting a blog.
5 Blogging Tips
1.Blogs Are Virtual Real Estate- Many people start free blogs, but that is equivalent to renting land offline.
You can build a blog for free on most social sites, but those sites own the blogs that they host. They own the land. If they decide to sell or shut down for some reason, there goes your blog.
If you drive a lot of traffic to your blog, build links to it, or even make income from it, that will increase the value of your blog. It will also increase the value of the hosting site.
That means your blog is an asset, so as a home business owner, it is worth the investment to host your own blog. Besides, the small fee associated with a self-hosted blog is tax deductible.
2. Post Consistently- For your blog to be effective in any market you should post consistently. You do not have to post every day, but however often you decide to post, stick with your schedule.
At least post once or twice per week.
3. Use Wordpress- WordPress has the most options for themes, plug-ins, and many more features that will assist you greatly in your marketing efforts.
That is a self-hosted WordPress blog, not a free one.
4. Use Original Content- It is possible to get sued because of your blog. You can avoid this by using original content.
There are several ways that you can get sued. Some of the most common are by using Google for stock images, lying on others, posting other folks personal information, and by flat out spamming.
It is okay to use quoted text by others, but be sure to give them credit. If there is question about using someone’s content illegally, just be on the safe side and ask.
5. Decide on a Strategy When You Start- There are a lot of ways to make money with blogs. You can flip blogs, have several auto-blogs, focus on one primary blog, etc…
You will be all over the place if you try to learn and do everything at once. Just focus on one strategy and master it, before moving on to the next.

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