5 Biohacks to lose fat from face and body provides a detailed understanding of how to reach a healthy lifestyle. Initially, the word Biohack sounded foreign to me until I read about it. It allows us human beings to change our lifestyle meaningfully. Distinct types of biohacks exist that influence the manner our bodies operate. The article below aims to provide an insight into the meaning of the term Biohack and how it helps us to live healthier.

What is Biohacks?

According to the Oxford dictionary, biohacking means an unofficial expert or professional scientist who undertakes scientific tests using biological methods. It sounds really scary but actually, an interesting method to intervene in our health status for the better. Biohacking we use advanced technology and allow us to improve our bodily performances. 

It may sound foreign, but we already started using this approach in many ways. The key reference points to understand biohacking includes the following: 

  • Enhance your mind, body and cognitive experiences
  • Improve the way you exercise and eat
  • Influence your spiritual growth

Biohacking refers to making use of scientific knowledge to influence the manner our bodies operate. Let us call this a do-it-yourself method of impacting your body's system. Scientists undertake a lot of work to determine the ways of creating better health lifestyles for humans. To lose weight remains one of the key points to live a happy lifestyle. For this reason, we focus on the fat loss of face and body, to explain the meaning of biohacks. 

Already in our lives, we biohack our bodies without us knowing about it. Let us see five biohacks to lose fat from the fat and body. 

  1. Manage your Sleep Patterns

It sounds simple but sleeps play a significant role to manage our metabolism and keep fat levels except for able levels. According to research, if we deprive ourselves of sleep, it increases occurrences of diabetes and lack of appetite control. This means we sleep less, eat more, but do not burn the necessary energy. The average adult requires at least 8 hours per day. 

Take the following steps to allow for sleep biohacking to take place: 

  • Ensure a soundproof sleeping place as much as possible.
  • Play sleep music that enhances our ability to fall asleep quicker. Also, sleep more intensely.
  • Attempt to eat our latest meal at 7 pm in the evenings.
  • Choose a proper mattress and pillow that allows our bodies to retrieve the peaceful sleep we need.
  • Abstain from drinking too much water, coffee, or tea before bedtime. 

 2. Maintain a Healthy Exercise Programme

One of the most critical aspects we need to manage, focus on maintenance of a strict exercise programme. It sounds cliché, but without the correct activities, we struggle to maintain our weight levels and the status of our minds. Focus on resistance exercises to allow for the development of balanced muscles but also make you feel better. 

Exercise remains one of the best options to lose fat. Some of the best exercise biohacks include the following: 

  • Walk for at least 20 minutes a day
  • Keep a record of the exercises we follow
  • Keep a journal of the differences we feel when exercising. For example, if we mentally feel better.
  • If we hardcore exercise individuals keep track of the exercise, we take part in it.

3. Prepare Lemon Water

Preparation of lemon water early in the morning allows for a great biohack opportunity. Lemon water became known to increase your metabolism levels and reduce fat. It also cleans the liver and the kidneys. Warm lemon water a half an hour before breakfast allows for a magnificent change in your bodily system. Some people may prefer it cold. Additional tips during preparing lemon water include the following: 

  • Attempt to use mineral or filtered water if you prepare the lemon water
  • Ensure the use of clean and fresh water. If travelling preferably uses bottled water.
  • Look at the best times of the day to drink lemon water. Breakfast time always allows for a pleasurable time, but options exist to use this method throughout the day.
  • Attempt to find additional nutrients to add to the water.


4. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting offers a brilliant opportunity to lose fat from the face and body. Decide on an eating window that suits your lifestyle and environment. Different eating window times exist for example eat 12 to 8 pm, fast 8 pm until 12 the next morning, etc. Individuals who struggle with longer fasting periods may reduce them to suit their needs. 

Diverse methods of intermittent fasting exist to lose fat and other options include: 

  • Abstain from eating between dinner to the following dinner session. 
  • Fast over two days and eat normally for 5 days.

Intermittent fasting requires us to keep a schedule of our eating times. Using a diary assists with keeping a record of what and when we eat. It also depends on our current health status and how our bodies cope with fasting. Generally, it remains best to discuss this option with your doctor first.

 5. Cryotherapy Treatments

Many times on the news we notice people jumping into icy rivers or lakes to develop a healthy lifestyle. While these methods seem extreme, it works for some people. Cryotherapy requires humans to place their bodies in sub-zero temperatures. People use this biohack technique to stimulate the body’s nervous system. Using this opportunity allows us to increase our metabolism, lose fat, and also regenerate our much-needed cells.

Other methods of temporary biohacking include the use of hot yoga to increase our metabolism levels. These classes allow for a significant decrease in fat levels. Individuals who struggle with fatigue may need to discuss this option with their health practitioner first. 


5 Biohacks to lose fat from face and body, allows us to intervene but use the scientific knowledge we collected. Biohacks mean the use of a do-it-yourself version to improve your body’s health for the better. Several types of methods we already use for example changing our eating plans to suit our lifestyles, machines to lose fat from body and face etc. Biohacking requires additional understanding and input to formalize the approach we take to lose weight.

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Martin is a passionate blogger and she likes to spread knowledge through blogging.