Online Quran learning is gaining huge popularity these days. It has grown significantly and greatly replaced the traditional education system. Although it has been proved that online classes are more beneficial than traditional classes, but still many of us are living with a few misconceptions. Especially those who never been enrolled in online learning platforms in their lives. They think that online Quran classes are less effective as compared to traditional teaching.

But in actual, it is not true. It is high time for both Muslims and non-muslims to refuse all those myths because online Quran classes are beneficial in a number of ways. Now we are discussing the most common myths that usually Muslims have about online Quran classes.

Myth #1 Online Quran Classes Are Less Effective

Many of us think that online Quran classes are not as effective as traditional classes. They think that there are only poor classroom experiences. The truth is that not every online Islamic Institute is the same. There are a lot of recognized academies that have proven themselves as effective as traditional classes when it comes to learning.

These online Islamic academies have highly-qualified Quran tutors and staff members from around the world, providing unparalleled, affordable education to thousands of students worldwide who are eager to learn.

Myth #2 Online Quran Classes Are Not Recognized

It is again another myth that most Muslims and non-muslims are living with. Since the online Quran education became more accepted, there are many accredited Islamic institutes that are offering certified online Quran courses.

All in all, it is your responsibility that an online Quran learning platform you are choosing should be accredited. Almost every accredited institute shows their accreditation information on the website.

Myth #3 Online Quran Classes Offer No Interaction With Tutor

This is not true in every case. If you are choosing a certified online Quran academy, then the tutors will surely interact you through a proper online learning platform. They offer step-by-step guidance so that student can better understand the Quran.

Also, online Quran classes offer an amazing opportunity to both students and instructors to join discussion room chats or video chats who are in the need for personal guidance.

Myth #4 Online Quran Classes Aren’t Properly Scheduled

There are also most of the Quran learners who think that online classes have no proper schedule like traditional classes. There is no any Quiz, project, or homework assignment. But, the truth is that online classes have well-structured classroom course for the students. Each student has an opportunity to learn Quran online in a unique and individual way.

Myth #5 Online Quran Classes Are Challenging To Attend

Another common myth that revolves in every Muslim mind is that online Islamic classes are challenging to attend. The reality is that online Quran classes are easy to attend as one has to prepare with only a few basic requirements. All you need is to set up your computer with whatever software you may need and ensures the good Wi-fi connection should be there.

If you really don’t want to distract yourself while learning the Quran online, then it is important to check all the requirements before the start.

Final Words:

If you have decided to learn the Quran in an easy way, then you have to stop believing about these myths from today. Both offline and online Quran classes have their own unique challenges. To decide which education system is more beneficial, you need to decide from the perspective of flexibility and affordability.

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