You can probably feel it sometimes, can’t you?

That nagging... why isn’t this working? What is going on? Is it just me? Am I the right business?...

If these questions are nagging you, then chances are pretty good you are dealing with at least one of these 5 major blocks that can stop even the most well-meaning, talented and amazing entrepreneurs in their tracks.

So, let’s break these blocks down...

1) Fear - The thing about fear is we can be completely aware of it, and often completely unaware of it and how it is sabotaging our efforts. It could be fear of success, fear of failure, fear of change, fear of what people will think of us, fear of leaving others behind. There are many, many things we can be afraid of as entrepreneurs and when we don’t get them into the light and start addressing them, we can keep spinning our wheels and get nowhere.

2) Habits - Some habits serve us and some habits don’t. The habits that don’t serve us can really do a number, not only on our business, but also on our lives. Habits that affect us deeply can range from habits of thinking (how do you react when things don’t turn out like you planned or expected? What are you thinking when you are having a conversation with someone about your services or following up with someone?) and also our daily habits from how we spend our time, the language we use to talk about ourselves, others and our experiences and behaviors that we consistently engage in that we know do not serve our higher good, i.e., too much TV, social media or internet surfing, unhealthy addictions, procrastination, etc.

3) Beliefs and subconscious agreements - Of course old beliefs and subconscious agreements that no longer serve us are the main causes that create many of the blocks we have just mentioned. So many of these beliefs and agreements we are not even aware of but they drive every decision we make and what we are willing to accept in our lives. Of course, this can range from the partner we choose, the business we go into, the home we live in and the friends and colleagues we surround ourselves with.

4) Lack of Focus and Clarity - There is so much information available to us these days that it can often be impossible to decide where to start... particularly when you are building your business. When we have this kind of information overload it can keep us paralyzed from taking any action whatsoever because we are in the mode of second guessing ourselves and not making clear and definite decisions... ARGHHH! It is exhausting!

5) Doing it alone - So you would think with all this information, you could piece it all together and make something beautiful happen. Believe me, Brian and I tried to do it on our own and not until we were literally on the brink of disaster did we reach out for the wisdom and support we so desperately needed. Because we are all are so emotionally invested in our own business, it is difficult (if not impossible) to see clearly what the next steps and opportunities are right in front of us to build our business.

Your Authentic Assignment

Take a pad and pen out (or cozy up with your laptop) and go through these 5 blocks to see if any of them may be affecting you and where you are in your business. Ask yourself how you may be stopping yourself by allowing one (or more) of these blocks to get in the way of the life you truly desire and doing the meaningful, passionate work you want to do in the world.

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