A good photographer provide a friendly environment to the expectant parents for their maternity photoshoot. During the photography, it’s imperative to remember to have fun and enjoy the session. Your interaction with the expectant parents will either increase or lessen their experience and how they view the images you click. Therefore, be sure to practice on the technical features of photoshoot before walking into the shoot so that you can focus on clicking the best pictures. One should follow some tips to aid you get through the first maternity session.

Tip 1. Mother’s Safety

The first tip to be mention is the mother’s safety during any maternity photo session. Even when choosing a location and exploring other shoot options, it’s imperative to consider the mother’s health and safety first. Before you start the shoot, ask if there are health concerns and make sure that she’s hydrated and cared for during the shoot. Don’t delay until it’s too late and chance putting the mom-to-be or the baby at risk.

Tip 2. Recognize Client’s Vision before Selecting a Location

It could be possible that your clients may already have a location in mind when they come to you, particularly if it’s someplace they visit regularly or hold dear; otherwise, you may require to recommend a location.

Wall art vision exercise is a good option to determine the location for photoshoot. Mainly, the exercise boils down to asking your client to visualize and describe one image that they’d be willing to buy and hang on the wall in their home. This exercise will aid them focus their anticipations for the photos and provide you a place to begin for planning the shoot. Once you’ve select the location, you’ll require to consider the subject’s wardrobe.

Tip 3. Selection of Wardrobe

Selection of a wardrobe for maternity is very important, the dress should be comfortable for mother and not showing too much skin. Mostly, a large number of maternity portraits showcase the mother’s belly and include great slits for the legs. So, the wardrobe should interact the location and style of the shoot.

If the location is more casual, such as in the park or on the beach, then wear a slightly dressier version of what they might normally wear in those environments. For instance, replace shorts and a t-shirt with jeans and a lovely polo shirt for the dads. Of course, this all goes back to client choice, but you can make recommendations based on the location.

Tip 4. Choose a Lighting Style

Normally, as is true in other categories, you’ll require to choose on a single lighting style and stick to it. If the expectant parents have no penchant, you can refer to your own style, whether that means using natural light or adding flash.

Natural Light

Mostly, maternity session end up by using natural light for bright and airy look. Natural light is also good for mom to be, as it is quite airy and mother feel good in fresh air. Golden hour (last hour or so before sunset) is commonly the most famous time to schedule the photography session.


Usage of flash to your images provide numerous opportunities. You can prolong your shooting hours as the time of day becomes less important when shooting with flash and you can also bring a dramatic look to your maternity images that will aid your work stand out from the widely held of maternity sessions found online.

Tip 5. Posing During Maternity Photoshoot

When all the things are ready to photoshoot then the main and imperative thing to figure out, is the time to focus on posing and take pictures. There are some aspects that are exclusive to the maternity photo shoot, as it is somewhat different from others posing like engaged couples, brides and grooms. During maternity photoshoot, hand placement has very importance as you can use the hips and body angles to put emphasis on curves.

During maternity photography, the mother will mostly place her hand above or below her stomach to put emphasis to her baby bump. It is not necessary for every image, but you’ll probably find yourself posing her this way more often than not.

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