Tiles are definitely a lot popular than other flooring options in the world of home construction. This fact is going to be true for a long time to come, considering the ease of availability and installation, affordability, and variety of tiles.

If you haven’t made your decision yet about the kind of flooring you need to choose for your home, here are a few reasons why you should choose tiles for your flooring:

Tiles are Affordable

Tiles are available in a wide range to suit every budget and style. While they can be expensive, they can also be as affordable as it can get. A lot depends on the type and quality; but you can still find tiles that can easily substitute expensive flooring materials.

For instance, if you like marble flooring, you can choose tiles that look exactly like marble. In case you prefer wooden flooring, there are tiles that resemble that too. You can create a similar effect at a much lesser price.

Available in a Wide Variety

Tiles are available in a wide variety of types, colors, designs, and textures. There are Vintage Tiles, Spanish Tiles, and a lot more options that can take your home aesthetics to an entirely different level. No matter you’re your needs and preferences are, you can find the most suitable options in tiles. Apart from flooring tiles you can also find a wide variety in wall tiles for your kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy Application

Installing building materials is generally a time-consuming and cumbersome process. However, the same cannot be said about tiles. While it might take about two weeks for marble flooring to be installed (for a 500 square feet house), tiles can be installed in about four to five days. The wastage is also much lesser, provided you hire experienced professionals.

Low Maintenance

You need to be very careful while cleaning wooden floor or concrete walls. There is always the fear of excessive exposure to water that can damage the material. Also it can be quite a task to clean up dirt patches, spots, and stains, in case of any spills. In case of tiles all that you need to do is wipe it with a wet cloth. You can use a mild floor cleaner if the stain is too stubborn.

Water Resistant

The best part about using tiles for flooring is that they are water resistant. You can get anti-skid tiles for your bathrooms and kitchens if you want to avoid any falls or slips in case of spills. You can’t possibly expect this feature in any other building material at this price.

While tiles are easy to clean they can get dirtied very fast. Unless you have chosen dark-colored tiles the stains and even tiny specs of dirt can be clearly visible on tiles. Also since they are water-resistant tiles can remain moist and slippery for long periods of time after wet cleaning. They aren’t usually as cold as marble; yet they may not be an ideal option in places where the climate is too cold.


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