Surfacing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Europe in search of excitement on the surf. By popularity there are at least, if not more than five great reasons to surf some of Europe's best beaches. There are over 15 hotspot surfacing locations; however this can be quickly narrowed down for the surfer. The surface first must decide on what country that they have a passion to visit in Europe. Some of the most popular countries where surfers congregate is Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, France, the UK, Ireland, Italy and of course the Mediterranean. To narrow this down even further, the best of the best surfing locations can be found in Northern Spain, Ireland, Portugal, France and the UK. Surfing is ideal in these five locations, all year round, however the prime time to surf is autumn, spring and the summer months.

. Peniche, Portugal is host to one of the very best surfer camps in the world. They have a number of beaches and when one visits Peniche they will be awestruck at the number of professional surfers who congregate on their surfing holiday. The Bala Surf Lodge also caters to the beginner surfer with impeccable training and excitement. Peniche offers the perfect surfer conditions offering shore waves every day of the week.

. Spain offers a number of surfing schools but one of the most popular in Spain is on one of the beaches of Galicia. This wonderful and exciting surfer school is located on Blue Flag Razo Beach. They do offer a substantial discount if the holiday surfer brings their own gear.

. On the south Atlantic coast of France one can make their surfing destination at the Natural Surf Lodge and school. This location is a hotspot for surfers, where the beaches are pristine. Glean knowledge and be part of the excitement at this location.

. If the surfer would like to make Ireland their surfing holiday the Burren at Fanore Beach. Located in Clare, Ireland, is popular for its pristine and roomy beaches to distract the beginner from learning the ins and outs of surfing. The Aloha Surf School is one of the best surfing destinations in Ireland.

. Within the UK there is a surfer's dream destination called the Dolphin Surf School in Cornwall. Dolphin school is located where there are the best waves and great beaches.

Each of these locations is the best of the best, offering professional surfer lessons and instructions that appeal to beginners as well as the professional surfer. Each location offers specific perks and discounts for the surfer enthusiast.

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