All lovers need to recouple with each other from time to time. it is very easy to get carried away by the bustles and hustles, demanding jobs, a busy social calendar, children's schooling and all activities of everyday life. Sometime year pass without spending your special time or having a meaningful with your spouse. it is worthy to spend you precious time with your lover away from your family, friends, technology, and work. This will give you an opportunity to reconnect again, easy time to romance, enjoying and having fun together.
Below are 5 best romantic places in Nairobi you must take your honeypie to have a great memorable experience.
1. Rock City
Rock City is only 6 miles from downtown, the City is about 1700ft above sea level and has 100ft waterfall that runs down the mountain. This self-guided tour will amaze your lover and you are guaranteed of romance. Don’t miss this great chance of walking around with you honeypie viewing birds and climbing Lovers Leap wall to see the birds of prey.
The Rock City photography venue is gorgeous and plenty green making it one of the best romantic places in Nairobi. In addition, the City host events such as weddings, birthday parties and baby showers. Contact our experienced guides in this page to help you organize your event and you are assured of lifetime memories.
2. Muthaiga Country Club
This special Club is perched at Muthaiga just a few kilometers from Nairobi. The club boasts of its classically trained chefs who prepare mouthwatering meals that cater for individuals. It has first class bedrooms en suited with modern amenities. For books lovers Muthaiga Country Club has library with 20,000 books.
Looking for the best romantic places in Nairobi to take your spouse, Muthaiga Country Club is the ideal place. The club staff are friendly and welcoming, they say guests comfort always come first. The club offers wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Engage you lover in the romantic traditional and modern sporting games offered in the club. Enjoy a drink or two with your spouse in the fully stocked on site bar. The club has a pool where you can relax and enjoy a drink with lover after long day activities.
Muthaiga Country Club hosts social events such as wedding, parties and conference meetings.

3. Nairobi Arboretum
Nairobi Arboretum sits 30.4 hectares land and it is only 3 km from Nairobi city center. The forest has more than 300 species of indigenous and exotic trees. Are you a bird lover? Nairobi Arboretum is the place for you. The Arboretum host over a hundred species of resident and migrant birds. You will be able to see birds such as White-eyed slalty flycatcher, African paradise flycatcher, Malachite kingfisher, Black kite, Common bulbul, African pied wagtail, Black Kite, Pied crow, Common fiscal and among others. Butterflies such as Mother-of-pearl, Green-veined, Green-banded swallowtail, Diadem, and white-barred are also seen in Arboretum.
For animal lovers Nairobi Arboretum host wild animals such as Sykes monkeys, Vervet monkeys, foot-toed hedgehog, Kenya Mole rat, fruit bats, greater galago, squirrels and mongooses. Reptiles such as high-casqued chameleon, striped skink, and Jackson’s three-horned chameleon are also seen.
Still looking for best romantic places to visit in Nairobi? the Arboretum is the place to be. It has picnic sites with cool and quite environment where you can relax with your honeypie and reflect on your relationship.

4. Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost is one of the best romantic places in Nairobi it offers a myriad of activities and attractions to? It is only 10 kilometers from Nairobi town, situated right at the heart of a coffee plantation near Kiambu town. Paradise is accessible using public or private means and free parking is available for all vehicles.
Paradise lost is a cool, quiet and romantic place where you can relax with your lover. Walk around and explore the more than 2 million years old cave with spectacular waterfall. The paradise features a small lake where couples engage in activities such as fishing and boat riding. Other romantic activities, bird watching, taking a walk on the property, camping, feeding ostriches, camel riding, horse riding and picnic along the lake.
Paradise Lost has loads of romantic activities, talk to our experienced guides in this page to have memorable experience with honeypie.

5. Oloolua Nature Trail
Oloolua Nature Trail is situated away from disheartening and stressful hustles and bustles of Nairobi City. It is among the best things to do in Kenya where you can visit with your sweetheart. It is about 20km from Nairobi set at the heart of Karen suburb. It accessible through public and private means. Free ample guarded parking is also available to all vehicles.
The property has a trail that winds through forest next to River Mbagathi that also goes through the thick Oloolua Forest. For history lovers, you will be able to see the caves underground in the forest. The caves used to be the home for Mau Mau the freedom fighters in Kenya during colonial era. Want to have a picnic in a quite environment? Oloolua Nature Trail is the place for you. Oloolua Nature Trail has a picnic site that features trash bins, drop toilets, and benches where couples sit to enjoy their delicious meals. Want to spend a day or two? the property has a camping site complete with bathroom, tap water, and firewood used for lighting a bonfire.
You have never lived life to the fullest if haven't visited Oloolua Nature Trail Nairobi.

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Paradise Lost is one of the best romantic places in Nairobi it offers a myriad of activities and attractions to? It is only 10 kilometers from Nairobi town, situated right at the heart of a coffee plantation near Kiambu town.