Different cleaning methods are used for cleaning different types of carpets. You can choose your type of service and make it count with the help of a professional cleaner. You can make use of the advanced carpet cleaning techniques that provide a deeper clean and makes your home more germs-free. You can get affordable, reliable, and consistent carpet cleaning service from the best carpet cleaning service providers in Melbourne. You must use cleaning solutions that do not contain any chemicals and soaps. This will bring safety to your family and pets.

Hot Water Extraction cleaning technique

This method is also known as steam carpet cleaning, which makes use of high pressured warm water. This helps to agitate the fiber of the carpet and dissolve the dirt. This technique includes the application of cleaning detergent on the dirt surface, rubbing the carpet with the proper set of brushes followed by rinsing. The final part is making use of proper tools and putting the carpet under air condition for proper drying.

Carpet shampooing cleaning technique

This method is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods. This method is well known for cleaning all the dirt on the heavily soiled carpet. For this technique, you need to put the necessary cleaning chemicals on the dirty area and rub it with a cleaning brush. You also need to add water to generate foam and lift the dirt from deep.

Encapsulation cleaning technique

This method is known as the foam encapsulation method that makes use of synthetic detergents. This helps the carpet to dry quickly. This is more effective than the carpet shampooing technique as the former makes use of less water in the cleaning process. This technique takes less drying time compared to the shampooing technique. This technique will be best for you, if you prefer using environment-friendly products as they possess a very small amount of chemicals.

Bonnet cleaning technique

The bonnet cleaning method produces good cleaning results and it mainly focuses on cleaning the top part of the carpet, mainly the area covered with fiber. For this method, you need to make use of a heavy-duty electric machine that consists of a spinning pad, which plays the role of extracting dirt from the surface of the carpet successfully. This method is mainly used by hotels as it provides a quick solution in dense public places.

Dry carpet cleaning technique

This cleaning technique is also known as compound cleaning and is the latest carpet cleaning technology that provides strong benefits to the users. Most of the leading manufacturers prefer this technique as it provides strong and effective cleaning steps and does not require any time for drying. Dry carpet cleaning technique also makes no use of water in the process. This is one of the best carpet cleaning methods and it requires using high-quality cleaning detergents for achieving a positive carpet cleaning result.

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