Landscape architecture such as garden areas and parks serve as important sustainable additions in both private as well as public spaces. They not only contribute to increasing the overall value of the property but also inspire people to live a sustainable life. However, like all other commercial and residential spaces, landscape architecture also requires high-quality outdoor lighting solutions in order to serve its purpose holistically.
Landscape lighting solutions serve a much bigger purpose than just illuminating the outdoor spaces. They ameliorate the whole experience by making a space more aesthetically pleasing and functional. For instance, many landscape architects use lighting for adding stunning ambience and highlighting various landscaping elements like fountains and statues. Thus, landscape architecture often requires customized lighting solutions and installation of various types of LED luminaires that serve specific purposes. One such lighting solution is outdoor LED floodlights.
LED floodlights are the best alternatives to all their traditional counterparts, including high intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) and halogens. These lights emit a broad beam of high intensity artificial light that can illuminate the whole space uniformly and properly. Hence, they can be used in a variety of application areas like airports, manufacturing plants, sports stadiums, etc. Nowadays, they are also used in public landscape architecture like public parks, historical and heritage sites, etc.
Here are some benefits of using LED floodlights in landscape architecture:
1. Personal safety
Poorly-lit places often make people prone to accidents and injuries. People can bump into obstacles or topple on the ground amidst improper lighting conditions. In such a scenario, installation of LED floodlights can contribute to making the space much safer for the people, as these lights are capable of illuminating the space uniformly, all across. They furnish appropriate illumination and ensure a clear vision that further aids in improving people’s personal safety.
2. Enhanced security
During night-time, dark or poorly-lit places can easily become a hub of unethical and criminal activities such as theft, robbery and other index crimes. Fortunately, appropriate lighting can help in making public landscape architecture more secure and keeping offenders at bay. For instance, a study* asserts that increasing the levels of lighting can reduce index crimes by almost 36%.
3. Property value
In case of residential properties, installing LED floodlights in landscape architecture can allegedly contribute to increasing the property’s overall value. As per experts, outdoor lighting is acknowledged as a prime feature and delivers a higher appraisal in case you wish to sell your property. Moreover, since outdoor landscape luminaires reduce the likelihood of break-ins and accidents, they can also help in reducing the property’s insurance rates.
4. Environment-friendly
LEDs are by-far the most sustainable and eco-friendly lighting devices available in the current times. Thus, installation of LED floodlights not only ensures appropriate illumination but also makes the space more environment-friendly. Unlike fluorescent lights that contain harmful substances like mercury, LED floodlights are completely safe for usage as well as disposal.
5. Robust build
Landscape lights are leveraged to operate in harsh weather conditions. Therefore, they are required to have a strong build that makes them capable of withstanding strong winds, rainfall, snow, and heat. Fortunately, LED floodlights manufactured by the top LED lighting manufacturers boast a robust build and are highly appropriate for outdoor installations. For instance, outdoor floodlight fixtures by Wipro Lighting are IP 66 rated, which makes them highly durable and reliable.
Last but not the least, LED floodlights ensure greater cost and energy savings as compared to all their traditional counterparts. Moreover, they savour a significant operational life of almost 50,000 hours that can free residents or property owners from untimely maintenance bills.

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