When you learn to drive from a driving school, you are not just taught of the technicalities involved in it. You are taught to be confident, follow traffic rules, be a responsible person and not break rules. When it is from a reputed driving school in Wheelers Hill, it is something you will not forget anytime soon. It tends to stay etched in the memory for the years to come. 

Driving is a responsibility in itself where you have to ensure that your car is safe, the cars around you on the road is unharmed and that you come home with no injury on you while driving. While that is the case with everyone, you are also taught about car maintenance. Even though it is the work of car maintenance experts, you too need to be aware of what and how things are with your car. 

While this involves technicalities, here is what you should know. 

Changing the oil occasionally

While it may be a task that is included in the regular servicing done by the experts, you too should remember about it. There are times when due to over-exertion, the oil in the engine tends to dip in quantity. The oil is termed as the food for the engine as it stays lubricated. It needs to be refilled every now and then while also remembering to get rid of the old oil. Know what type of oil your engine would need and take things ahead from there. 

Checking the air pressure of the tyres

This is something that needs to be taken care of when your car stays idle for long and you suddenly have a plan to go out with it. There are chances that when it was idle, the pressure of the tyres have dipped. That is when you need to check the pressure almost every second day. This prevents accidents and tyre damage.  



Keep a check on the fluids of the car

It is not just the engine oil that is the only fluid in a vehicle. Other fluids as that of a coolant, brake oil, and washer liquid needs a check every now and then. Once you have checked it, refill it accordingly. You could purchase one from the dedicated store or keep a stock of it at home probably in the car. This allows you to stay updated with the fluid levels as well as increase the longevity of the car. 

Remove corrosion from batteries

While modern batteries do not corrode but you ever know the chances of it. If at all you notice corrosion on the top of it, using a solution of baking soda and water and lightly brush on the affected areas. Experts conducting help those who have recently passed the driving test in Heatherton agree that this removes the corrosion and allows the battery to function normally. 

Check the condition of the windscreen wipers

Even though it comes to use only when it rains or when the sight is hazy, there is a need to replace it at times. When you hear a screeching noise while wiping or probably witness lines settling itself on the screen when the wiper is used, replace them. It will no longer help you clean up the screen. 

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The author has had close associations with experts from the best driving school in Wheelers Hill and writes this article to help those who have recently passed the driving test in Heatherton.