People have used fluoride for decades to protect their teeth from cavities and make their teeth stronger. They have also been using tap water for more than 70 years with a small amount of fluoride to reduce the risk of tooth decay. According to the CDC, this method has been proven to reduce tooth decay by 25 percent. Fluoride prevents cavities and thus saves your teeth and gums. You can find fluoride in toothpaste, mouth rinses, dental treatments, etc.

1. Protects your enamel
One of the biggest benefits of fluoride treatment is the protection of the enamel. Your enamel suffers from acid drinks and food, causing an enamel break-down. If your enamel is broken, then you will have teeth sensitivity to cold and hot or even warm liquids, food. Also, broken enamel may cause tooth stains. Regrettably, sensitive teeth can cause an unpleasant sensation at any time. Fluoride protects your enamel from bacterias and acids that cause those problems.

2. Helps to prevent tooth decay and cavity
All of us have bacterias in our mouths, and when we eat sugar or starches they enable these bacterias to produce acids that can break the enamel. As you can understand, this process is not beneficial for your oral health, that is why you should use fluoride. Fluoride is one of the best methods to fight against cavity and tooth decay. But, a big amount of fluoride can cause negative complications. Fluoride poisoning is very rare nowadays, but overdose can harm small children, although most childrens’ toothpaste does not contain fluoride.

3. It saves your money
As you know, dental cleanings are very costly. That is why you should have good oral health, and keep good oral hygiene. Fluoride can help you with that. On average, at a dentist’s office, fluoride treatment costs from $10 to $30, but this price may vary. Of course, it is better to have additional fluoride treatment at home that you can assess through the use of fluoride toothpaste, mouth rinses, gels. If your community has fluoridated tap water, try to consume it as well. Both methods’ usage is a very good solution to preclude expensive dental cleanings.

4. Gives back minerals in your teeth
When acid damages your enamel, it also damages the teeth’ structure, specifically minerals, and this damage makes your teeth weak. These minerals (calcium and phosphate) are vital for your teeth’ health. Fluoride helps your body add these minerals to the teeth helping it to repair weak tooth enamel. This process is named remineralization, which is very significant for our teeth health!

5. Provides a natural Preventative
Fluoride occurs in oceans and even groundwater. Using water filtration, we can control the fluoride level in the water and prevent tooth decay and cavities. It is a natural method to prevent harm to your oral health.

The bottom line
To sum up, fluoride is a good natural method to take care of your teeth. It prevents bacteria from causing lots of problems. You should contact your dentist and get to know what fluoride treatment would be better for you. It depends on your oral health, but a dentist might recommend this treatment every 6 to 12 months. As fluoride overdose can cause complications, try not to swallow it.
If you want to keep good oral hygiene, follow simple rules:
- Brush your teeth twice per day at least 2 minutes
- Floss your teeth at least once
- Do not smoke
- Have regular dental check-ups twice per year
- Avoid big amounts of sugar

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