The concrete slab floors come up with numerous forms and are utilised cater immense amount of thermal comfort alongside lifestyle advantages. These slabs can be suspended, on-ground, and a mixture of both. The concrete slabs can be insulated on the edges and underneath as well. The conventional concrete has superior embodied energy. Besides this, it has been the most usual material used within the slabs, but numerous new materials are also available along with drastically reduced ecological impact.

Therefore, here are four benefits of using concrete slabs for your home...

Thermal Comfort

Thermal mass explicates the latent of the materials for storing as well as re-releasing the thermal energy. At times, it is referred to as building conditioning that is highly effective as compared to air conditioning. Materials comprising of high thermal mass like heavyweight walls or concrete slabs helps in regulating the interior comfort by acting as the temperature flywheel. Through effective absorption and radiation of heat, they create a cooling and heating the effect on the human body.

In summer, the slabs should be protected from direct exposure to sunlight and cold breeze and night sky radiation at night so that the heat accumulated during the daytime can dissipate. Moreover, for winters, the slabs must be designed in such a way that it can absorb the heat from the sun. The heat is then stored by the thermal mass alongside re-radiated for hours. So, if you want to experience thermal comfort and build a concrete slab for your home, then you must contact one of the best professional concrete house slab contractors in North Perth.


Long Life: The high embodied energy of concrete slabs can be offset through its high permanence. It is of importance to ensure that the reinforcement is properly designed, placed, and compacted well in order to avoid the porous areas; concrete slabs can have a significant amount of lifespan.

Termite Resistance: For the minimal termite risk project construction, concrete slabs must be constructed and designed in accordance with the Australian standards for having minimum shrinkage cracking.


In order for the thermal mass of the concrete slabs to function effectively, it should have the potential of interacting with the interiors of the house. Covering up the slabs with apt finishes, which insulate such as carpet, mitigates the efficiency of thermal mass. However, the wide range of finishes available in the marketplace makes it feasible for the thermal mass to be utilised in an effective manner.

Additional Heating

Additional heating might be necessary, in case there is insufficient solar access. Since concrete slabs offer an immense amount of thermal mass; they fit themselves quite well with the long cycle in-slab system heating. Apart from this, hydronic heating makes use of solar heated water within the rooftop accumulators in order to convey the heat to the slab. Besides this, it is extremely efficient in terms of consuming energy as well as it has a low maintenance or running cost. Thus, start building your concrete slab today with the help of one of the best concrete slab contractors in North Perth.

Last Words!

Therefore, these are benefits by building. Also, for building a slab for your home, you must contact a certified slab contractor to get effective results and quality slab building.

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