In this online era, eCommerce sites recommend products based on customers’ previous orders. Netflix adds the shows based on the ones you decide to watch, providing a personalized customer experience would be an added advantage for your business.

Personalization would create a strong bond between you and your customers.

It would be of high value for customers in terms of shopping ease and turning visitors into loyal customers.

Here are five more reasons why a product personalization tool would be valuable for your business.

1. More Sales
Personalization increases sales by building a great thing on top of a basic product. If done well, customers make it a habit to personalize.

A report by Deloitte states that 36% of customers prefer buying a personalized product/service on average. Moreover, 1 out of 5 people is willing to pay 20% more over a personalized option rather than a readily available solution. So it would be profitable for your business to provide customization options.

It would be more affordable than launching and offering new products.

With a product designer tool, you can equip your customers with the freedom to customize their products conveniently, and in return, charge a few more bucks.

2. Customer Loyalty
Every customer wants a unique product or something that’s custom developed for them. If you’re giving your customers a personalized experience, then eventually, you’re building your brand loyalty.

With a product personalization tool, you can allow your customers to custom design their products in the way they want. It will give them a feeling of ownership and satisfaction, which would heighten your brand experience.

Apparels, gifts, photo books and calendars, and stationery are ways your customers can relish a customized experience.

3. Increased Profits
Before the printing industry soared, a custom product was considered a luxury, and thus, many businesses opt for bulk products to get better returns. This was a risk weighing that the products might not sell, but, in the end, it was a preferable choice.

However, the time has changed. With in-house printing machines and product designer tools, companies no longer have to print bulk products in the hope of profits. And as custom products are now an everyday need, stepping into the business with a handful of personalized items and no outsourcing would ultimately get you more ROI.

Moreover, rendering a personalized experience could now be your brand’s USP.

4. Word of Mouth Marketing
How many times have you heard, “Hey, your t-shirt is cool! Where did you buy it from?” People notice good things, customized ones, a tad more. They get more excited about customizing their hoodies and stuff with logos, quotes, names, and so on.

The benefit of a product designer tool would be that you will have a sizable customer base, and without making any efforts, you can promote your business.

Also, it would give you an upper edge over your competitors.

5. Small Investments
Do you already have a stockpile of bulk products? But now you want to enter the personalization business?

No worries!

You don’t need to buy a new batch. With some customization hacks and a product personalization tool, you can sell the existing collection of products. However, it doesn’t mean that you should customize the entire batch of products in one go. Let orders roll in and, based on specifications, show your creativity.

For example, you have a t-shirt business, and a bunch of plain t-shirts are on the shelf, you could use a product design tool to print different designs, quotes, and cartoons on them. And swiftly get your invested money back with profits. Isn’t that a great option?

You make a small investment in inventory and get large chunks of profits.

What should you do now?
Even though customization has become a must-have factor for businesses, many in the printing industry are still thinking about providing a personalized experience.

Looking at the benefits above, it is evident that offering custom products would bring in massive traffic, provide a unique experience, and would increase the conversion rate.

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Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software & Web-to-Print Storefront Solution.