Must Have List Of 5 Basic Principles To Create Incredible Facebook Ads Networks

With the popularity of Facebook around the world, we can say that Facebook is the king of social media advertising. It is unmatchable in the online world if you count it in terms of vision, features and target, making it the best platform where you can advertise your brand’s production and services.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can go through these simple hacks to make it easy to create ads that really works excite viewers and let them click “Buy Now."

Here are those basic principles to create incredible Facebook Ads.
1.Know the Psychology of color.
Color plays a vital role in advertising. And according to study in Management Decision, 90 percent of all decision, customer make about a product is based on product’s color. The color you pick for advertising can make or break a campaign.

These observations show the public's response to various colors. You can consider this:
Blue, purple and green colors are more liked by older folks. Youngster usually prefers yellow, orange and red.
A study revealed that orange is most disliked color including purple, yellow and brown. Red is one of the most appealing and attention driving color.

This information helps to enhance the visual appearance of your ads. There is nothing like that “one size fits all,” and the leading factor in the success of your selected color scheme is whether it is helping out in selling or not.

2.Avoid hyperbole and too bold claims
If your audience gets across one of your ads, without previous knowledge of your company, the first question they will ask will be, “Is this brand trustworthy? “Keep in mind that design of your ad will put a significant impact on their response.

The majority of marketers depend on hyperbole and emotional manipulation. This has made it somewhat challenging for honest brands to make their bold presence about their products or services without inviting public inspection.

So, you need to know about the online realities of advertising and ensure that all of your ads appear credible and professional as well.

3.Influence the power of social proof.
One of the great tools in your advertising collection is the social proof. Customers fear whenever they purchase a brand’s product for the first time. Fear is mainly due to the risk associated with the first purchase that results in countless loss of sales.

One of the quick ways to remove your customer’s fears is to eliminate their alleged risk by offering social proof that confirms the quality of your product. Including client testimonial, user metrics, and case studies can help to increase the power of your ads.

With the help of Facebook‘s retargeting technology, social proof might appear as a secret element to turn incidents of visitors rejection into paying leads.

4.Use compelling calls to action.
Yes, Call to Action Works. Incorporating it into your advertisements has a very powerful effect on your Facebook campaigns. They remove the friction and ambiguity, resulting in higher conversion rate.

For instance, if you haven’t included a proper call to action in your ad and if a visitor clicks your ad and gets redirected to sales or landing page without having a clear idea then there are more chances of losing a lead.

However, if the same viewer clicks an ad with Call to action “Join our email list for your free video,” the entire process of clicking and converting becomes worthy.
This simple trick lets you enhance your conversion rate while at the same time lowers the number of clicks generated by unqualified leads.

5.ABT: Always be testing.
This point focuses on Testing. After, all the importance of testing can’t be ignored. If you want to generate high ROI through Facebook advertising, then you need to test.

It is important to your success that you implement the previous four ways and then tests them against your previous results to identify what’s working and what’s not. Try to test every parameter from the color of your ads, headlines to social proof and Call to action.

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