The Gold Coast region, in recent years, has greatly increased in popularity. And although the Commonwealth games did showcase the world how great this part of Australia is; there are many other reasons why migrating to the Gold Coast region, especially for a student, is definitely worth considering!

For many travellers, this place has enough reasons for an international student to make a potential home. With golden sandy beaches, sparkling water and wonderful infrastructure, this region has lots of offer in terms of work and lifestyle.

Reasons Why International Students Should Think of Moving To GC:-

Top-Class Training Institution & Educational Centres:-

The city consists of over 200 reputable training and educational institutions. Notable names such as Bond University, Griffith University, and Southern Cross University consist of world-class facilities. And they do have a reputation of churning out talented individuals, driven to make a name for themselves in the region.

Moreover, the region has no shortage of schools scoring high in NAPLAN assessments. TAFE Queensland ranks the state’s best vocational training centre consisting of over 122,000 pupils from various countries. And if that wasn’t enough; foreign students will also come across many schools offering ELICOS- English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students to make them more adept in their skills. 

Diversified Student Community:-

Apparently, there exist over 40,000 international students from 130+ countries studying and working in the Gold Coast region. And these numbers only keep increasing with time. So, if you wish to migrate to this wonderful and prosperous part of Australia, then you will find a diversified class of students with individual skills and many extraordinary stories to share. 

This awesome student community is the perfect way to know different parts of the world. Plus, it also makes learning fun as you get insights and exchange knowledge from each of them.  

Great Career & Employment Scope:-

Most international students who choose to work in the Gold Coast region have an option of enrolling for 3-year post-study rights visa. And since the region focuses heavily on career and employment growth, the primary focus here is to achieve more impressive graduate outcomes- be it national and international!

Gold Coast’s study talent acquisition for business growth program- (a city-wide initiative) is something which foreign students can use to develop job engagement opportunities in different sectors and forge stronger tie-ups with localised businesses and vivid training sectors 

Furthermore; international students can also enrol in a variety of professional online career counselling to help you pick the right course, in the right budget and with the appropriate visa pathway.

Cost-Friendly Standard Of Living:-

For an international student(s) migrating for lucrative jobs in Gold Coast, Gold Coast is considered to be number 1 in terms of presenting cost-friendly standard of living. All education, public transportation, and eating expenses sum up to be rather cost-convenient for you, thus giving you scope to save as much as you can on your standard of living.

Statistically, Gold Coast is way most cost-friendlier in its standard of living in comparison to the other cities in Australia such as Sydney and Melbourne.

Wonderful Housing Options:-

Just like any notable and large-scale metropolitan area, Gold Coast will offer you wonderful housing options at varied prices. However; as a working student; you will have a better chance of saving money every month as compared to the other cities Down-under.

You will find houses that are generously sized and built bearing the regional weather conditions. You will find wonderful outdoor eating and relaxing area. And you will find a laundry room, a detached kitchen diner, covered veranda, large-sized gardens offering plenty of space for kids to play and enjoy.

So, if you’re a foreign student wanting to migrate for quality jobs in Gold Coast, there are plenty of reasons why you should not think twice.

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The author… offers online career counselling for every international student looking for jobs in Gold Coast and makes a permanent living. Being in this industry for years, the author also educates pupils on the top courses, in their budget with the scope of lucrative jobs.