Though the internet might be flooded with many architectural style ideas, choosing just one and going by it is not an easy task. The house architectural style must be on par with the available space, land form, construction regulations, house style and other associated factors. Architectural style of the house also determines natural lighting, aesthetic appeal, color combination and final plan map of the house.
Therefore, according to Modi and Srivastava Associates – one of the best architects in Gujarat, it’s important to research and choose the best architectural style for your house. To help, Modi and Srivastava Associates lists 5 Architectural Styles for Your House in India that are trending and always a preferred choice.
Urban Flats
The most affordable architectural style is flats. Flats are usually part of commercial or high rise properties with 1BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4BHK combinations. Flats are primarily aimed for nuclear families. Over hundreds of flat in the same space nowadays are increasing the number of urban societies or colonies in India.
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Cottage Houses
The second architectural style of house preferred in India is cottage houses. As cottage houses occupy a lot of space, in recent times such properties are usually being planned little outskirts of the city area. Cottage houses are often called as bungalows too.
Palatial Structure
As the name says, palatial architectural style properties refer to the heritage ones only. With the prevailing situation of the pandemic, new palatial property construction has reduced in numbers. Mostly palatial properties are inherited property that too requires regular reconstruction work for maintenance.
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Sustainable Style
Some Indians are now opting for sustainable architecture for their houses. In this, primary focus is levied on energy and ecological conservation within the space. Though aesthetically the sustainable design might appear little passive, but it has long term benefits and hefty expenses as well.
Houses with porches particularly in rural areas are classified as farmhouses. Farmhouses usually have a lot of open space with provisions of cultivation, gardening and animal husbandry. Though the style of a farmhouse looks simple, its quite expensive to make a brand new one in India in recent times.
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