If you’re considering a Caribbean vacation, Cuba is a great choice. The country is known for its rich culture, and you’re likely to find activities, culinary experiences and historical sites that will make your trip worthwhile. Even if you’ve decided to make Cuba your next vacation destination, there may still be some things you need to know to ensure you see all the attractions you want and take advantage of quality accommodations while you’re in the country. Here are five things you’ll definitely want to include in your Cuba tour packages.

Nature and Park Attractions

If you want to spend part of your Cuban vacation walking along the beach or soaking up the sun on the shore, Sirena Beach is one of the best places to visit. This beach is great for taking pictures during vacation since the sands are a stunning shade of white and the water is a rich turquoise color. If you’re staying at a hotel in Cayo Largo area, Sirena Beach is the “hub” for most vacationers in the area. You can also arrange to take a boat trip around the beach so you can take in the natural scenery.

Cuba has several sites for beautiful wildlife as well, which you can incorporate into your trip if you’re an animal lover or your traveling with your family. Cuba has a sea turtle hatchery that will teach you more about the life cycle of these fascinating creatures. You can also schedule a bird watching tour so you can spend part of the day viewing colorful birds in their natural habitat.

Museums In Cuba

Cuba is a country that has an interesting and controversial history, and there are several museums in the country that showcase the events and people who have shaped the reputation and characteristics of Cuba. Don’t forget to make museums part of your Cuba tour packages. The Museum of the Revolution is one of the most appealing historical attractions in the country and it’s located in Old Havana. The museum used to be the Presidential Palace for Cuba’s leaders and many of the museum’s features have been preserved for the public to enjoy. If you’re staying in Havana, you may also want to check out the National Museum of Fine Arts features works from the colonial period, as well as work from contemporary artists. The Napoleon Museum is another quality site to visit if you’re a history buff and want to see beautiful works from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Places to Eat

Cuba is known for its delicious foods and it’s easy to find a great restaurant while you’re in the city. The country is also famous for its paladars, or restaurants that people run privately, often out of their homes. You can check out El Cocinero if you and your friends need a filling meal after a night of partying. The restaurant is in the La Fabrica section of Vedado and is located in a building that also houses a club, concert venue, and art gallery. If you’re vacationing in Old Havana, you’ll definitely want to check out Dona Eutimia, which serves a variety of traditional Cuban dishes that include a healthy helping of beef, chicken or pork. The restaurant is also known for having one of the best-frozen mojitos on the island, which is the perfect treat after a hearty dinner.

Top Hotels

There are also several hotel accommodations to choose from to make your Cuban stay more comfortable. If you select the Royalton resort, you can enjoy on-site dining and a stunning beachfront view. There are several other all-inclusive amenities and opportunities to mingle with other guests so you can spend as much time as you want at the resort without having to travel too far from your room to truly enjoy Cuba.

If you want to spend most of your vacation swimming or relaxing by the pool, Pullman Cayo Coco is the place for you. There are seven pools on the property and several cabanas, along with great places to relax and enjoy a cocktail both indoors and outdoors. You can also book your stay at Blau Varadero. This all-inclusive resort provides all your meals to indulge in while in Cuba, so you can taste some of the flavors that popular in the country. You can also spend time at the spa, get a great workout or spend a little time mingling with other hotel guests at happy hours and mixers.

When you’re ready to book your Cuba vacation, be sure to check out South America Tours for more information on how to organize your trip. You can book from several Cuba tour packages that allow you to see the beauty of the country based on your hobbies or interests. These agencies can also assist you in finding beautiful hotels and lodging and wonderful restaurants that make it easy to soak up the culture and create fond memories with family and friends.

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