Greenery holds strategic importance in modern urban life. With the increasing population in urban areas, green spaces are becoming extinct. However, you can create your very own garden space in the house even on rooftops. It seems unrealistic but it’s not. There are several ways to convert your terrace into a stunning garden.

Here are some basic ideas and tips to get a modern rooftop garden.

Ideas & Tips For A Rooftop Garden

You can enjoy peaceful sunsets and breath-taking views from your terrace by creating a garden there. We have enlisted some really creative ideas below that can help you in creating rooftop gardens in your house.

• Decide the furniture in advance
• Keep Planters & Flowers
• Add a water feature
• Have enough lighting
• Access to vertical space

Now let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Decide The Furniture In Advance

Furniture is very important in setting up a rooftop garden.

• It solely depends on your choice whether you want to keep rattan garden furniture or pure wooden furniture.

• Similarly, it’s up to you whether you want a living space or dining space in your terrace garden.
Select the theme and furniture for your terrace garden at the start. It is wise to buy only those furniture products which match your theme.

2. Keep Planters & Flowers

You cannot call it a garden if there are no plants or greenery. Select the plants you want to keep in your rooftop garden carefully.

• If your rooftop is open air then choosing shade-loving plants won’t be a wise choice. Moreover, select plants that are suitable for your terrace and your climate.

• Try to select a variety of different types of plants e.g. large plants, shrubs, small plants and different types of colourful flowers should be there.

One more thing, use unique planters to enhance the beauty of your rooftop garden.

3. Add A Water Feature

If you have a water feature in your rooftop garden, then it can be a great focal point for your guests. It's an attention-grabbing centre piece. You can try:

• A small fountain, waterfall or a pond can be a spectacular addition to your rooftop garden. It takes the beauty of a garden to a whole new level.

• A fish tank can also be an attractive addition to your terrace garden.

4. Have Enough Lighting

It is very important for a rooftop garden to have sufficient lighting. During day time you can manage with sunlight however at night you’ll be needing enough lighting.

• Try to create bright spots in your terrace garden.

• You can have small lights fitted in the walls behind the plants to increase lighting and enhance the beauty of the garden. In this way, your plants will become more visible.

• Furthermore, you can use lanterns or festoon lights for illumination. They can give your garden a festive look.

5. Access To Vertical Space

Another beneficial tip to design a terrace garden is to play with space wisely. If you have a small terrace, then you have a limited space to tackle for a garden. Therefore, always utilise the space vertically. In this way, you can add more objects to the garden. For example, you can hang the planters on the wall or use railing planters.

Mentioned above are some of the useful ideas which you can use to create a rooftop garden. As far as furniture is concerned, you can get cheap rattan furniture or oak wooden furniture from Furniture Villa at reasonable rates. It is the UK’s leading furniture selling company and has maintained that reputation through its quality furniture.

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