You probably have been running your website for a while now and you just started using marketing automation platforms. You researched how to efficiently utilize them to grow your business and to create an effective marketing strategy. But when it comes to marketing automation, you must mix in SEO in your marketing strategy as this will guarantee you visitors and customers for your website. Your potential customers are looking for your products and services and all you need to do is to have your website to be one of the top ranked websites. Even the best Seattle SEO company agrees that you can achieve this by pairing marketing automation with SEO. Here are the reasons why you should combine marketing automation and SEO.

SEO Increases Opt-in Rates
The primary phase for your marketing strategy is that your website must be visited by many users. Once they have visited your website, the second phase is to send opt-ins to their email inboxes. Remember that if you generate more visits to your website, then you will be able to send more opt-ins. But in order to generate more visits, users must see your website as one of the links on the first page of search results. This is where SEO comes in and SEO will help your website stay in the first page.

SEO Improves theConversion Process
SEO is the reason why visitors took the initiative to visit your website and possibly bought your products and services. Even if 4 out of 10 users that visited your website bought something from your website, it is still a great profit if your page views are exceptional. If you gained 100,000 visits in one day, then 4,000 users have become your customers and that will make you earn decent revenue.

SEO Gives You Multiple Chances
People nowadays are cautious about giving away personal information on the internet, so that means opt-ins will not always be effective for your marketing strategy. Which is why earning your visitors’ trust is very important. Competitive search engine rankings always ensure that the users will be able to find you even if they did not make any purchases on your website. This can be farther improved when you add marketing automation with the use of retargeting efforts.

SEO Provides Customer Journey Data
Data in knowing how and when a visitor visited your website will help you improve a better journey for your customers. But your strategies must be versatile and it works on a broad audience as each user’s journey is different. Combining SEO with your marketing automation platform enables you to offer a more relevant and personalized journey for customers. The data that you get will let you know what customers need and lets you modify content on your website.

SEO Gives Continuous Customer Journeys
Keeping your content new and fresh will guarantee that you will be at the top of the search engine results and this will generate page views. This is because search engines focus on websites who publish new content on a regular basis. It is hard and tedious work but with the use of marketing automation platforms, you do not have to do these tasks all the time. A Seattle SEO company uses marketing automation software so that they would keep on generating engaging strategies for your visitors while saving time.

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