In just a couple of years, weighted blankets have become extremely popular. Occupational therapists are using them for far longer and distinct ways than most realize. If you want the feeling of wrapped up tightly with the blanket at night, a weighted blanket is all that you need!

So, what does a Weighted Blanket do?

A weighted blanket provides deep pressure to the body's joints and muscles when used. This is known as "proprioceptive input." Your joint and muscle receive the sensation that helps your body know where it is in space. Typically, it is a beneficial tool to help an individual control the excessively high energy level and maintain the regulated nervous system. It also helps support and maintains a calm, safe level of arousal during daily life activities.

Benefits of Weighted Blanket

Anxiety and Stress are the biggest reasons for not getting a good night's sleep. If you want to have a peaceful sleep without taking any sleep medicine, use a natural alternative. And that is a "weighted blanket." Yes, it will help with the best night's sleep and has many other benefits. Some of the amazing benefits of a weighted blanket include

  • Combats Stress

No wonder if stress affects you because it affects all of us. Stress has a very negative effect on mental health as well as emotional and physical state. As a weighted blanket has deep touch pressure, it helps provide relief and comfort to the simplest stressors.

  • Alleviates Restless Leg Syndrome

Many people suffer from restless leg syndrome. These patients mostly complain about the tingling or creeping sensation in their legs. This led to a sleep disorder like insomnia. Most people with restless leg syndrome are recommended to use the compression socks, but it seems like the weighted blanket does the job as well. This is not only comforting but also gives the feeling of weight on the legs.

  • Aids in Sensory Processing Disorder

Children with autism have a lot in general with those that suffer from anxiety disorders. They experience both emotional and behavioral turmoil. Here, a weighted blanket helps as placing it in those children gives a calming effect.

  • Recreates a Hug

Having a weighted blanket on you feels like someone is holding you without having to actually be near anyone. Babies also tend to respond better when they are hugged or cuddled. If you think that this is only for the children, you must be wrong because we guarantee that the feeling will not go away even when you age. The weighted blanket creates a comfortable cocoon that emulates the sensation of getting a warm hug from someone. It is indeed a magic blanket!

  • And there is one for Everyone!

Weighted blankets are so popular that almost everyone can find one according to his/her preferences. There are various variables like size, weight, material, and price that one needs to look at when shopping for a weighted blanket. Everyone wo is hyperactive, anxious, and over-stimulated can benefit from this blanket.

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