While beauty boxes might not be new, because so much time has passed since they were popular, they have become quite evolved in the kind of products received, customization options available, and the number of samples.

Here are 5 amazing beauty subscription boxes to check out -

1. VanityCask - With 5 samples curated from some of the top global brands, VanityCask is amazing when it comes to variety. While no customization options are available as of now, the boxes are easily some of the most versatile subscriptions available currently. VanityCask has a nice blend of natural products, makeup, beauty and haircare, and accessories in their box. The look and feel of the box is quite luxurious as well.

2. BoxyCharm - With major beauty gurus on YouTube endorsing BoxyCharm, the subscription box ranks high because of its full sized samples. The brands on Boxy Charm are some of the best in the industry and no other subscription box rivals Boxy Charm when it comes to makeup.

3. Violet Box - Dreading your periods? Get this box and you won't. The Violet box makes your monthly essentials a treat. Not only that, the company is working hard to make sure that period supplies are not taxed in India. The best thing about this box is that it takes away the taboo that comes with menstruation and ships to 70 countries in the world.

4. Sugar Box - With makeup boxes being the it thing, Sugar Box sets itself apart by being one of the few subscription services that focus on clothing and knick knacks. While the price point is slightly high, this box would definitely surprise you every week week with its eccentric collection of headphones, selfie sticks, t-shirts, kettle, etc.

5. MyEnvy Box - If luxury makeup is what you crave for, the MyEnvy box is perfect and easily the best one to go for. It comes with a lot of full size products and even the samples are big enough to get you 2 to 3 uses easily. The customer service is especially great for this one as well.

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Smriti Prabhat loves testing new makeup products through beauty boxes. Check out the best beauty boxes listed here -

Vanity Cask - https://www.vanitycask.com
BoxyCharm - https://www.boxycharm.com/
Violet Box - https://www.violetbox.me/
SugarBox - http://www.sugarbox.in/
MyEnvy Box - www.myenvybox.com?utm_source=blog&utm_campaign=Smriti%20Prabhat