Once a golfer always a golfer! Every sportsperson is dedicated to the sport that he or she is in. Golf is a sport that combines strategy, skill and persistence and is certainly a sport you can get addicted to. When you start playing golf, you have to be well equipped to be in the game. From the right clubs to quality balls and from tees to a great golf umbrella, choosing these items wisely can truly give you an edge. Here are some perks of owning a Golf Umbrella.


Protects you and your golf kit

Golf is sometimes said to be a lavish sport surroundedbynot inexpensive equipment. Therefore serious consideration is needed for a genuine protector of that equipment; a golf umbrella steps up to the plate in a serious way.  The canopy size of the golf umbrella is made to be larger than a normal umbrella. It supports your round of golf when needed by covering an area larger than you expect, thus keeping you and your gear away from the rain.

A helping hand in changing climates

An umbrella is a versatile tool that helps you to stay dry in the rain, however additionally to beat the heat and give you welcome shade from the sun.  Don't let the changing climate or adverse weather make you sit at home. Take an umbrella, go out and make it happen. A Golf Umbrella is so useful and due to its great coverage looks after you come rain or shine. This multipurpose item will give you excellent protectionfrom the rain, dust and even harmful UV rays on those extremely sunny days.

Long-lasting protection 

Golf Umbrellas are specially made and designed to last for a longer time. Choose wisely and they are heavy duty and durable; choosing a fiberglass frame, a strong shaft and handle, and you will have a trusty friend for years to come. A hard-wearing and quality product is a must-have on your list of golf kit.

The best gifting item to fellow players

Golf is a game enjoyed by so many people from all walks of life and of all ages. If you have a friend who loves golf, it is an easy gifting area as you know the gift can be used again and again and that the recipient will gain a lot of enjoyment from it.Gifting a Golf Umbrella is a thoughtful and practical idea that you know will be appreciated and will help the recipient improve their game in the future.

Easily portable and carry around.

What do we expect from an umbrella? It is reasonable to expect it to provide good coverage from the rain, shade from harmful UV rays on sunny days, last a long time and be able to be easily stored when not needed. A Golf Umbrella is designed to be somewhat larger than the normal one as it has much more to do; it is made easy to carry and portable. You can fold it down and put it back in your kit, knowing it doesn't take much space, perhaps only a couple of inches wide. It is then easily available when next needed to save your round.


In this area, there are numerous designers, shops and portals out there who sell Golf Umbrellas that specially made with fiberglass frames and nonslip handles and multiple designs. We suggest looking at Collar and Cuffs London to get the best available umbrellas with great durability and windproof frames.

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