The Rock Space Extender designed using the advanced latest technology. The Extender includes the facilities offered, boosting the Wireless signal, amplify the range of Existing WiFi, secure WiFi connection, dual-band Wireless Repeater, WiFi signal booster, range Extends up to 1200Mbps,2.4 or 5GHz dual-band WiFi Extender with access to the Ethernet port, 360-degree full coverage, and set up or management of this Extender is quick easy. To get the high-speed of the network, place your Extender closer to the router. The Extender antennas easily catch the signal from here. Through the Re.rockspace.local, you can easily access the Rock Space local web page. The Re rock space enhances the Existing WiFi network signal in specific areas like dead zones and large-scale areas. This Rock Space Extender automatically chooses the high-quality Wi-Fi signal location.

Advantages of the Rock space Extender

The actual unit of this Extender is very compact and offers dual-band connectivity.
Compared to others this Extender provides a great range of networks. Its network is easily compatible with ninety-nine percent of routers. This Extender Enhances the WiFi signal, boosts the range, connects multiple devices, stable signal boost, full signal coverage, and RockSpace Extender setup is quick or easy. This is a simple device with two antennas and an Ethernet port at the bottom. There are many advantages of this Extender given below:

1.) Dual-band high-speed stable signal:

The speed of this Extender is 300Mbps for 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for 5GHz. The combined speed of a dual-band network device is 1167Mbps. It supports both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi Extender speeds up to 1200MB per second. The WiFi booster can automatically switch to a high-quality band for better performance. It’s surely best for online HD video streaming and online gaming. Say goodbye to your previous Extender and buy this or enjoy using this Extender advanced featured technology or without any issues. This Extender works with any router easily.

2.) Wired coverage with smart signal Indicator:

Coverage of this Wi-Fi booster is much better compared to others. This Extender Wi-Fi coverage is up to 1200 square feet area. It's Easily covering your whole home, Each room area, corridor, the whole office, and also covers your needed area without any issues. Provides high-speed Wi-Fi network signal to previously no network signal zone in your Extended network area. It also has a Wi-Fi signal Indicator which helps you find the best network signal in the Extending area.

3.) High Compatible with Wireless Access Point Functions:

This Extender works with all standard Wi-Fi routers or gateways. It is easily compatible with maximum routers. This Extender also has contained the Gigabyte functions on the bottom of this Rock Space Extender. Allows this Wireless Extender functions as a Wireless Access point to connect your router directly. You can install this Extender for use a Wi-Fi network using Web UI or using a WPS button.

4.) Easy to Set Up:

If you have a WPS compatible button on the back of your Extender, then you can set it up simply by pressing the WPS button of the Extender. You can also set it up by using the Web-based almost any Operating system, including any Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS, or iOS and Android Mobile Platforms. After choosing your device, open the Pc and connect your Pc with the Internet. Launch the Web browser and type in the search bar, your Extender IP address, or Now you look on your Pc, the web page accesses the login box. Enter your Extender username and password. Tap or click on the next page. Your Rock Space Extender login process completed successfully now. After the login, your Pc window displays a setting option, click or tap on this option. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the Rock Space setup. After completing the setup, click on the next option and tap on the enter key to save the setting changes.

5.)Ideal for Medium-Sized Apartment or House:

With this Wi-Fi Range Extender you can Effectively double the Coverage area of your Wi-Fi network area. The WiFi network reaches the Far area of your home or office, different floors, or Even Extends the WiFi network coverage to your Garden. This Extender provides the Wi-Fi network signal is very good and its antennas are very strong, it's made with Plastic.

Have a stress-free life with Re.Rockspace.Local Setup

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