With the advent of new and diverse labels such as organic, natural, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, it is a confusing task to decipher the meaning behind such labels and verify their authenticity. Most makeup and skin care brands in the market practice greenwashing, wherein stickers and labels making false claims are slapped onto the product.

To start off, it is crucial to address the difference between natural and organic, as they are often clubbed together as interchangeable terms, when in fact, they are not. While some products can be natural and organic, not all natural products are organic in nature. Genuinely organic brands, such as Life & Pursuits, are certified organic by leading programs, such as the USDA or NATRUE. All ingredients in natural skin care products are devoid of added synthetic compounds and are farmed while keeping biodiversity in mind. Whereas, organic beauty products are free of parabens, pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals. Here are some advantages of adopting an organic and natural skincare routine:

1. Softer Skin
Drugstore and luxury brands often add drying agents like silica to products such as moisturizers, lip balms, and face creams. As a result, your skin tends to lose moisture and becomes flaky, dry, and rough. By using natural skincare products that are actually sulfate-free, you will achieve softer skin, that is nourished and hydrated.

2. Acne Free, Clear Skin
Sometimes, after using excessive makeup products, your skin might experience breakouts. Switching to organic makeup can help clear your acne and reduce blemishes, including pigmentation. Using pure natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and raspberry oil can also help alleviate your skin products. However, before using them, it is recommended to test it out on a patch of skin for allergic indications.

3. Better, Genuine Scents
Natural and organic products are naturally scented. Most products have a harsh scent, which is artificially induced by adding toxic agents. For example, if you are using an organic coffee and coconut oil scrub, the scent wafting from your body after use will be naturally relaxing and genuine. Also, artificial scents can cause allergic reactions and other skin irritations in the long run. Watch out for labels such as limonene, which produces a faux orange-like smell.

4. Healthier Glow
With the usage of abrasive chemical products, our skin tends to lose its natural glow. A dull layer coats our faces, as we have to combat pollution and harmful UV rays on a daily basis. By combining a healthy lifestyle with an organic skincare routine, you can regain your natural, baby-like glow. Natural ingredients like aloe vera gel are packed with goodness, and a combination of organic ingredients can prove to be extremely nourishing for your skin. Organic scrubs also help in shedding dead skin cells and promotes skin repair.

5. Wallet-Friendly In The Long Run
Instead of forming a hole in your pocket by using luxury skincare products that will harm your skin eventually, switch to organic skincare that is not only authentic but also value for money. In the long run, if one annihilates the expensive skin rejuvenation sessions they undertake on a monthly basis, one is likely to spend significantly less on organic beauty products! The constant switching to and from different products lead you to spend more. A simplified, beneficial organic skincare regime will help you save in the long run.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to natural and organic skincare to enjoy a more wholesome lifestyle!

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