As I’m pulling out and trying on my summer clothing lately, I’ve been having some negative thoughts around my body. Having some yourself? It has been an energy drain thinking about what I can and cannot fit into, and how tight these pants feel, and I haven’t even bothered trying on my shorts yet! These are just a few of the many thoughts that I have allowed to control my life lately. Many people know how painful it is when you cannot control your own life, but instead let it be run by thoughts and emotions that do not serve your best interests. In this article I’m happy to share with you four empowering self-improvement solutions to take back your control and set you free from self-judgment, disappointment and pure frustration with your body and inner self.

1. Squash the “ANTS”
No, I don’t mean the bugs that interrupt your family picnics. The ANT’s I’m referring to are the “Automatic Negative Thoughts” that roam in your head every time things don’t fit or go as you expect. These ANT’s roam around your mind generating thoughts in any situation. For example, when you walk in to a room and see people looking at you, is your automatic thought, “They’re judging me”? When you hop on the scale and it goes up, do you blame yourself for giving in and eating the dessert you had last night? This is negative behavior that gradually tears you down to a point where you lose who you really are inside, and become a shell of the person you once were.

It’s time for you to squash the ANT’s and look inside for the TRUTH -- and the truth will set you free and allow you be the real you!!

2. Practice Lovin’, Touchin’ and & Squeezin’
Negative thoughts and feelings can be wiped away with a little T.L.C. (tender loving care.) If you need a hug, go get a hug, because the chocolate just doesn’t cut it for the long haul! If you need some loving, go and do something for yourself that lifts you up. Start with loving yourself first – do something that brings you joy.

3. Increase Your Social Activity
Become more social with people that are upbeat, who look at the glass as half full, and are genuine. The more social you can be with friends that treasure you for who you really are, the easier it is to move towards a higher vibration - one that engages you and empowers you to help yourself. Pay close attention to surrounding yourself with people that support you rather than tear you down - and remember to have fun!

4. Get Serious with Movement
Bottom line? Eliminating your negative thought patterns, walking towards feelings that uplift you (rather than tearing you down), and finding yourself an awesome support team means are well on your way to moving towards the true you. The true you wants to feel healthy, be firm, feel confident and have some fun!

So get serious about taking good care of yourself and enjoying life rather than just living it. Now is the time to introduce activity in your fun life. Do what you enjoy and the consistency will come; when the consistency is there and you are challenging yourself with the activity you will notice everything starts to change - body, mind and spirit.

I have let go of my self-judgment, so even though I may still struggle with my clothes it does not define my day or how I interact with people, or what I feel about myself. I have started loving my life, myself, and I have became more aware through my heart what blessings I have in my life. The DESIRE for exercise at an intensity that challenges me has returned, and I’m embracing the new attitude along with the body I have today!

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