Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” Sometimes it takes years to figure out. I was on that road to finding my purpose for a long time before I stumbled upon it a few years ago. It had been staring me in the face the majority of my life, but I just didn’t recognize it.

Sometimes your purpose is hidden in the day-to-day activities of home, work and leisure. It is often difficult to recognize, and may be cleverly masked behind something you don’t enjoy, for instance, your job.

Discovering your purpose requires taking a close look at your current interests, as well as searching deep into your past – as far back as your childhood. There are four elements I find extremely helpful in defining purpose:

1. Your childhood. When you were growing up, was there something that you had always dreamed of doing? Did you want to be a doctor, a nurse or a police officer? Did you wish you could fly an airplane, win an Olympic gold medal, or be a singer in a band? Your dreams as a child may be directly related to something you want to do now.

The desire to be a doctor or a nurse may indicate that you enjoy helping people. If you wanted to be a pilot or an athlete, you may prefer adventure and taking risks. The dream of singing in a band may signify that you enjoy taking center stage and music is important to you.

2. Strengths gifts and talents. Do you have a particular gift or talent that is unique to you? Is there something that others say about you that highlights a particular strength? Input from those who know you best (i.e., family, friends and co-workers) can be very enlightening.

These strengths, gifts and talents that are unique to you, are keys to defining your purpose. Personality type and strengths assessments can also aid in discovering your purpose.

3. Your values. These may include beliefs and customs that originate from your family and your background, but are all relevant to discovering your purpose. For instance, your childhood dream of being in law enforcement may indicate community, justice and rules are strong values for you.

4. Your roles. I’m referring to your roles at home, at work and in the community. Are you a parent or grandparent at home? Are you a manager or committee member at work? Are you a scout leader or fund-raiser in the community? Taking a look at your roles at home, work and in the community, and determining which roles you value the most, can help you in defining your purpose.

When you discover your purpose, it’s like watching a wizard pull a rabbit out of a hat. You anticipate it is in there somewhere, but when it becomes visible, it’s a big surprise – and like magic! Finding your life’s purpose can help you gain clarity on your long-term goals and help you make positive changes in your life.

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Author's Bio: 

Kay Fontana is a lifelong learner, natural explorer, and navigator of Life. After watching family and friends struggle with chronic health issues, such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease, asthma, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, and cancer, seeing the effects of the standard American diet (SAD), experiencing a series of devastating losses, and working through her own health issues with diabetes and asthma, Kay became very clear about her life's purpose. Kay’s focus is on the whole being and connecting heart, mind, body, and soul for an abundant life. On her journey, she has learned from leading experts in the field of health, nutrition, healing, and spirituality in order to help clients achieve optimal wellness.

As a certified holistic life and wellness coach, a licensed spiritual practitioner, and a Grief Recovery Specialist®, Kay’s purpose is to help individuals with chronic or life-limiting illness by providing heart-centered coaching, spiritual guidance and support, tools, and resources, such as alternative medicine, that connect heart, mind, body, and soul for an abundant life. Kay’s mission is to inspire individuals with chronic or life-limiting illness and their family caregivers to let go of limiting beliefs and habits that block energy, and replace them with mindful self-compassion practices that lead to optimal wellness and a better life. For more information, go to www.LightofAbundance.com.