Just what is Emotional Energy Mastery? Simply put, energy
management is feeling management. It's the system of building new beliefs that
are so powerful and empowering that, no matter what happens to you,
you have the power to be, do and have whatever it is you want!

Like many people, you may have listened to talks and read books
about the power of the mind to create what is is you want. Things like
Napoleon Hill's famous words: "Whatever a man can conceive and
believe he can achieve."

Perhaps you have had some success, but couldn't sustain it. Perhaps
you haven't had any success, and you think you are just not one of
the lucky ones who is meant to be successful.

Take heart. The focus and belief in one's self to succeed and to
live abundantly and joyfully in this life is not something for just
a chosen few. It is available for all of us. It's available for

The missing ingredient to creating sustainable change in your belief
system is your emotional energy system. I'm going to give you 4
ways you can begin to use immediately to gently build for yourself a
new, empowering belief system. As you do, you will begin to see and
feel subtle changes in not only how you feel, but in how you
perceive your daily life.

1. Gratitude. An attitude of gratitude is one of your best life
changing tools in your life skills toolkit! Remember to begin and
end each day giving thanks for all that you are and have. One of
my favorite authors, Sarah Ban Breathnach, reminds us that "all that I
have is all that I need. And all that I need is all that I have."
Gratitude moves you into the energy of fullness and abundance,
which in turn, attracts more abundance, which keeps moving you into more
of the "feel good" state you are wanting.

2. Scripting Your Day. Before a movie is produced, there is a
script. They would never consider moving forward without an outline of who
is doing what and when they are doing it. Your life deserves as
much focus and intentional direction, don't you think? This particular
script is going to be more of an "energy" diary than an event diary.
You are going to write about how you are wanting to feel each day.
You are going to write about any support you may be needing from
Spirit and your inner guidance. Use this scripting process as a way
to amp up your intentions and connection to Spirit each day.
Remember, you are learning the process of building an empowering belief
system. Scripting will gently focus you on what you want and how you want to

3. Building Progressive Beliefs. Through gratitude and scripting
you have prepared the ground for the seeds of the new beliefs you are
wanting to plant in your subconcious mind. But we are not going to
try to convince your mind of the reality of a new belief in one
giant leap of thought. It just doesn't work. If you have used
affirmations in this way and failed, it's not because affirmations don't work,
it's because what you affirmed was too much of a stretch for your
mind to accept. Look at a belief you currently hold that doesn't
serve you very well. Then shift that belief just a little bit
towards the ultimate empowering belief you want to have. Write this
down and include it in your scripting. As you do, you will find
that it becomes easy to believe, and the old belief no longer holds you.

Now do it again. Each time moving yourself progressively closer to
the new belief you are wanting for yourself.

4. Affirmations. As I mentioned above, affirmations are a
wonderful tool, when used in the right way. We actually are using
affirmations every day, often unconsciously, and often to affirm
lots of the things we are not wanting. The task is to become more
conscious about your affirmations and to shift them to what you do
want! Keep in mind what you learned about progressive beliefs.
Make your affirmations believable, and make them just a bit of a
stretch emotionally. This gentle approach allows your mind to
accept the affirmation as true for you right now. It may be something as
simple as "I'm doing the best I can, and I'm figuring it out as I

You have heard that the Universe always gives us what we ask for.
But it only understands the vibrational energy of the request, not
the words. It is the underlying feeling, the belief, that Spirit
is responding to. Learning how to manage your emotional energy
system will give you the missing ingredient to aligning your beliefs
with your desires.

And as you do, you will feel yourself moving out of the energy of
"wanting" and into the joyful feeling of anticipation that whatever
it is you have asked for, it is absolutely on its way!

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