Sometimes it's easier to know the law of attraction than it is to use it on a regular basis and get the results that you want. Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to attract what you want faster? Well, you can with some basic understanding and application. There are a few things that you need to understand in order to attract the things you want faster, and understanding these principles will allow you to attract things much faster.

The first thing that you should get a handle on is the fact that time is a man made thing. Time in the sense of the universe does not exist. Things constantly change and flow from one state of energy to the next, but that is it. The sense of time we have as humans is not real. There are no such things as seconds, minutes, hours, or days. All there is in the universe is the constant ebb and flow of energy from one state to the next. So what we are really trying to do with the law of attraction is change on form of energy into another, or relocate one form of energy to another location. The first thing for you to get your mind around then is the fact that the million dollars you are trying to attract is not ten years down the road or five years or any years. It is always right here right now. That million dollars already exists some where. The problem is that the some where it exists is not in your sphere of control.

The second thing to understand about the law of attraction and the universe is that all of your desires are already fulfilled. This is a bit to take in and understand, but bear with me. Everything you want is already a reality, some place, for someone, some where in the world. It may not be a part of your reality right now, but it is out there already. The problem is that you have not put yourself into alignment with what it is you want. Every single moment of your life is full of a huge number of possibilities. The reason you do not have what you want right now is because you have not used your thoughts to put you into alignment with those things you desire. Up until now, every single moment of your reality, all of them, have been created by your thoughts and your choices. You have put yourself into perfect alignment for the life you have right now. The key is to learn to put yourself into alignment with the reality of what you want. It already exists some where out there. Now learn to bring the two together. Just as bringing the north ends of two magnets together will cause them to repel one another, just as two south ends will. Put a north and a south end together and they attract. You are the same, and your thoughts are your magnet. Know that your desires are already fulfilled. You simply need to change your frequency to put yourself into alignment with what the reality that you want in your life.

The third thing to understand when using the law of attraction to attract what you want faster is to not become attached to how you get it. You must be willing to let go of your need to control how you get what you want. This limits the universe to delivering what you want the way you want it. It's possible that the universe can't deliver what you want that way or that the universe will take longer to deliver what you want to you. You must be willing to open up to what you want and allow the universe to deliver to you what you want the best way it knows how, and trust me, it always knows the best way, if you let it. Imagine for a moment all the possible ways to get from where you are now to the other side of the country. Now imagine all those possibilities multiplied by about a million. Those are all the ways that the universe can deliver what it is you want. Be willing to let go of a need to control things or expect what you want a certain way. This only slows down the process and limits your options. As humans we tend to become attached to a certain idea or concept and forget to open up to other options. Just focus on what you want, keep your emotions and focus there, and let the universe do the rest. Have faith in the universes ability to deliver, and it will.

The fourth tip to attracting what you want faster is to give, give, give. Give what it is you are trying to attract. I know this sounds confusing and it's a little difficult for people to understand how in the world giving what you want will attract more of what you want, but it works. The reason it works is actually fairly simple. You are putting yourself into a positive alignment with what it is you want. The more we cling to what it is we want, the more we push it away. Let's say that you want more money. By pinching pennies and trying to hold on to your money, you actually work from a mindset of lack, of not having enough. This is a negative emotional state and state of thinking. However, if you learn to give your money away, it begins to put you into a state of mind of abundance and that state of mind begins to attract more money to you. You don't have to give away all you have, it would be silly to take from your own mouth to attract more, however, a dollar here and a dollar there will do just fine. You must be willing to give in order to receive. Always come from a mindset of abundance and avoid a mindset of lack. This tiny shift will begin to create incredible results instantly.

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