Reading is highly important if you want to be successful in life. It will be important through school, in college when you have to study for finals, on your first job, and all through the rest of your life. The ability to read is important; however, the ability to read faster is even better. Of course it will take a bit of training to improve your reading speed, but it is definitely well worth the time. Sadly, there are many people are reading slower than they have too, just because of some myths they may have heard. Here are four myths that just might be slowing you down when you're reading.

Myth #1 - You Must Read Word for Word - Many people believe that you have to read word for word when you are reading. This is definitely not true. When you first learn to read you look at the letters, then you go on to sound out the syllables in the word, and of course you progress to reading the entire word. So, why not go on to reading several words at a time. If you break away from this myth and start reading several words at a time or even blocks of text, you'll find that your speed of reading increases drastically.

Myth #2 - Reading Takes a Long Time - Another reading myth is that it takes a long time to read. Believe it or not reading can be fun as well as fast. In fact, once you learn to read faster, you'll find that reading is even more fun for you. It doesn't have to take a long time to read; in fact, just the opposite will be true if you get some training on how to speed read.

Myth #3 - All Parts of the Material are Equal - Most people are trained to believe that all the parts of the material you are reading are of equal value. Whether it is a book, an email, or even a newspaper article, not everything has the same importance. You'll find that some parts of reading materials are more important than others, and some parts you can basically fast forward through to get to the important stuff.

Myth #4 - Reading Faster Reduces Your Comprehension and Retention - While you may think that the faster you read the less you will comprehend and retain; this is not the case. When you learn how to speed read you'll actually find that you comprehend and retain even more information. The techniques that you learn when you study speed reading will help you to make sure you get the optimum retention and comprehension when you are reading.

Now that we have eliminated any myths about reading, you should be ready to pick up your pace of reading. Reading faster can bring you many benefits in life and there are many great training courses, software, and even books that can help you to learn to read faster. So, why not start improving your life today and learn how to read faster than ever before.

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