Impacting Through Influence

I am sure you all have come across numerous books, courses, and essays that talk about leadership. The one evident thing that came outfrom all these sources is that leadership has got nothing to do with titles.

Having a C-level title might make you a good manager but doesn’t necessarily make you a great leader.

For instance, if you are in a managerial position and are guiding your team towards successfully achieving their designated targets, you might be regarded as a good manager. But, if you encourage your team to go above and beyond, not only to complete their targets but also to transcend beyond their capabilities, then you will be known as a sound leader.

Influential leadership is all about making people believe in you by gaining their confidence and trust.It ultimately creates a culture where everyone is motivated to bring their best to the table.

In this edition of “40 Influencers Under 40”, we have compiled a list of influential leaders who are setting an example for emerging leaders and entrepreneurs by being passionate, engaging, trustworthy, and demonstrating integrity.

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