Narrative and personal writing provide the writers with the opportunity to portray their beliefs and life experiences. Now, finding the right prompt for this assignment will help in composing a great paper. However, many students often find it difficult to discover the right prompt for this type of academic paper.

In this article, some great topics have been provided. One can select from this list and write a great paper. However, one should not forget to take help from the proofreading services to make the copy perfect.

Here’s a list of top forty prompts for personal and narrative writing:

1. Favourite vacation memory
2. A memorable childhood event
3. First job experience
4. First day of school
5. A funny incident that taught a lesson
6. Favourite and least favourite words and why
7. Common phrases that are often used by many people
8. Keeping a journal and the story behind it
9. Favourite tabloid gossip
10. An all-time favourite book
11. Favourite cartoon and any memorable episode
12. Favourite author
13. Favourite live theatrical performance
14. Binge-watching or regular television watching
15. An inspiring music
16. Current favourite music
17. Favourite pop music star or pop diva
18. Memorable/shocking experience on Facebook
19. Favourite social media platform
20. A funny incident due to autocorrect
21. The reason behind using a specific emoji
22. Favourite viral video
23. Is more privacy needed online?
24. Any scamming experience
25. How to check the authenticity of what is found on the internet
26. Favourite online games
27. Opponents in online gaming
28. How much time should be spent on playing games on the phone
29. Side effects of digital life
30. Who should be one’s role model
31. Best advice received from an inspiring person
32. A memorable event where a leader spoke at the school
33. Favourite person to interview
34. Who would be the person to write a thank-you note to
35. An incident where somebody helped to get out of a difficult situation
36. Ethical dilemmas that are faced regularly
37. The bad side of gossip where somebody was hurt
38. Things that one can live without
39. An incident of eavesdropping and regretting it immediately
40. A bad experience of gender discrimination faced at school or college or office

This list will help students in their narrative and personal writing. Anybody who is wondering, “What prompt should I use to Do my essay?” must see this list.

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