40 Days to a Better Me: Day 08—Get Inspiration
In an attempt to sell everything from dog food to cosmetics, we are inundated with a constant barrage of marketing. Advertising tells us that real luxury is driving this particular car. The magazine ads tell us that the fragrance they are promoting will make us as sexy as the person in the photo. And then there are the cute little kittens, puppies and kids who are pimped out to advertizing agencies to create emotional appeal so we will buy their stuff. $412 billion a year is spent on advertizing in the United States. Oh, yes. Advertizing is a big bucks industry.
With the billions spent on advertizing each year—there is no better selling ploy or technique than that of a personal testimony. Most of the ads you see on TV use actors pretending to be doctors, homemaker, or just an everyday Joe. You know that your neighbor Herb is the epitome of the blue collar working man and he doesn’t speak with such clarity and perfect diction. So, you can see the snow job that advertizing is attempting to pile on you. There is no substitute for the real deal.
The stories that move and compel us the most are the ones we can relate to. These are stories of how individuals in similar situation as yours, who overcame obstacles to achieve success. The person who was penniless and living in a car and became a millionaire is a story that grabs our attention. We marvel at the story of the person who was three hundred pounds and is now the image of health and fitness. The story of the man with no arms who can drive, hunt, and make a living using his feet, will make you stand up and cheer! When you hear the stories like these of a people, who beat down the adversity, hardship, difficulty, obstacle or insurmountable odds it really stokes your passion to try! Because you know that it is real!
To achieve the better you that you desire to be, you must have inspiration. You must be inspired to change. You must see that it can be done. And, when you do find that inspiration, it will rock your world. Because you will know that if they can do it—you can do it!
It is great to have a dream. Dreams serve as a catalyst to change. You gotta have a dream to have a dream come true! You must have the right people in your life. A safe network of friends and associates is vital to your success. But, if you have no inspiration, there is no motivation to really change. If there is no spark that ignites the dream you will sit on the sidelines as a shadow of what you could be!
Find stories of people like you who became what you want to be. Read their books and buy their audios. Enlist them as mentors in your life. Use their stories to fuel your passion to be what you want to be. Believe with all of your heart that if they did it so can you! Get inspired!

Author's Bio: 

Dan Toops is an accomplished speaker and writer. For over twenty years Dan has been impacting the lives of people in a positive manner by sharing life transforming principles. An ordained Pastor for nearly twenty years, Dan has worked with a variety of people to help them discover their purpose and to motivate them toward personal success in every area. Dan is the creator of better Thinking Better Living a non-profit organization to provide individuals with resources and tools that they will need to keep their success on track. Dan lives in Palm Bay, Florida with his wife Patti.