Neurosciences says that the Brain possesses an unbelievable power to control or direct any activity throughout the human body. The whole human body is firmly connected and governed by the Brain. Yoga is an ancient way to seek the calmness and peace of mind. So, Yoga can say to be a branch of spiritual sciences.

Typically, a physical activity can only be fruitful for physical health. Besides this, Yoga works for both of the internal and external well-being. That is why Yoga is being in practice these days to gain physical fitness. People are attending the Yoga Schools or look for Yoga Dharamsala for this purpose.

So, here we are going discuss 4 weight loss yoga exercises to get back in shape.

Crescent Pose

This pose is followed to make the thighs, abs and hip stronger. You have to keep this posture for minimum three minutes to enhance the result. You may also vary the difficulty level by time. All you have to do is to practice this posture for at least 3-4 times in a week. If you find it difficult try to ease yourself. For this purpose, you may bend your knee or lessen the duration of holding. But with a passage of time add some difficulty level to produce maximum result. Crescent pose will produce maximum results by holding it for 7-8 breaths in harder approach.

Tiger Pose

After pregnancy, women often gain some unwanted weight and their body get out of shape. It is quite difficult for a mother to have some time that she can spend at the gym. Such women can recover their body by following some Yoga practices at home. Tiger Pose is one of the best Yoga practice for such women.

This posture eases the women to recover the complexities produced after pregnancy. Tiger poses to strengthen the legs, arms and back. It is also quite handy to dissolve the extra fats gathered around the belly and waist. To follow this pose, you have to get up on your knees and arms. Then you have to raise and bend your legs towards your hip. You have to hold this pose for at least 4 seconds. You may repeat this practice for 8-10 times according to your ease.


This pose is helpful to gain strong side abs. To hold this pose you have to stand straight on your feet. Then you will raise your arms on the side and place your feet right through inside your thigh. Then you will combine your palms at the front of your chest and take minimum 2 breaths. You will extend your arms with third breath. You will also switch the legs and perform this pose again.

Cobra Pose

This pose is extremely beneficial for relief in back pain. It is quite simple and easy to hold. To hold this posture you have to lay down inversely in a flat position and loosen your body. Then you will place your hands on the surface of Yoga mat or the plane surface on which you are laying. Lift your chest up and take breaths. You have to make sure that your feet are joined together and locked at the floor. You may hold this pose for at least ten seconds and repeat it 7-8 times.

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