Gone are the days when still posters were put up on the billboards which acted as the marketing tool for brands. In the present times, things have been replaced with LED screens where giant electrical screens display advertisements and that too putting across a lot of information at once. 

While these LED screens are known to be space-saving and economical, there is a lot of open space that people get to see these days. A single-screen puts out multiple advertisements, and that is how the desired audience is reached. 

While advertisement agencies own such an outdoor LED screen in Sydney, there is the need to maintain and care for them so that it lasts long and provides the platform for more advertisements. 

Protecting It From the Heat

The hot summer months can be really difficult for outdoor LED screens especially when it has heat emitting from the motor inside. The heat doubles up while allowing short circuits for several screens. Therefore, to prevent such things from happening, the outer casing could be hollow which can allow the heat to dissipate. You can set up the screen in a direction where there is natural breeze cooling things down or probably install fans along its edges to keep it cool.   



Protecting It From Storms

If the area where the LED screens are to be installed is prone to storms and strong winds, installing the screen on a pillar wouldn’t sound like a safe option. It is advised to put up the screens as a wall mount or probably use steel pillars to support it. Since strong winds can do anything, you need to ensure that they are fitted in place tightly and that it doesn’t fall off and cause injury to humans or other assets. 

Protecting It From the Rains

All LED screens that are put up outdoors are known to have a protective layer on its surface that makes it waterproof. A waterproof screen prevents water from trickling into the circuit and causing trouble later on. Most manufacturers for LED Screens used for billboards are known to help out with waterproof screens. To be on a safer side, you can always add another waterproofing layer to it. 

Protecting It From Lightning 

You never know what the weather has in store for you, and that is the reason why rental LED screens in Sydney should be protected from lightning strikes. Since it runs with the help of electricity, there are high chances of encountering lightning strikes. Installing lightning rods and the right protection devices helps in ensuring that the screen stays protected and safe. 



While it is the duty of manufacturers to help it with the right protective assistance, it is a duty on our part to ensure that the screens are in the best condition. Since these serve as an investment to bring in good returns, there is the need to care for it and maintain it well.   

Author's Bio: 

The author has had close associations with those that help out with outdoor LED screen in Sydney and writes this article to help people on installing rental LED screens in Sydney.