Timber floors at home add up to the charm in no time. It looks elegant, exudes a warm feeling and increases the value of the house. During winters, you feet stay warm and the room stays cosy without having to lay carpets. 

While affordable timber flooring, when installed in the right manner, can help you own a beautiful looking house, it faces a few problems at times. It happens especially when you have large windows that bring in natural light as well as sunshine while allowing the floors to fade. When you have made an expensive investment, you wouldn’t want to spend money over and over again to replace it. 

To prevent the floors from getting damaged by the UV rays of the sun, here are a few tips to help you out. 

Make use of blinds or curtains 

These are opaque objects which when hung on windows are known to prevent sun rays from entering indoors and falling directly in the timber floor. When the floor is exposed for a long time and that too daily, it starts deteriorating. Fading, splitting and breaking are the major symptoms noticed. When there are thick curtains and opaque blinds drawn during the day, the floors stay protected. 

Install solar films 

When it comes to installing solar films, these are easy to obtain. You need to take measurements of the windows or the glass and order them. You can either install it yourself or allow professionals to help you out. Solar films are tinted sheets that deflect the sun rays and prevent them from damaging the indoors. Whether it is the flooring or the furniture, everything stays safe. With this, you aren’t barred of looking outdoors or allowing natural light to come it. The light is filtered to prevent it from damaging things.

Put up outdoor awnings 

When you install outdoor awnings, the sun doesn’t get to come indirectly. It beautifies you home from the outsides while allowing you to enjoy natural light indoors. They can be rolled up or pulled down according to the direction of the sun, and that is how you do not have to bother about your indoors getting affected by the sun’s rays. 

Play with the furniture

Try moving around furniture as well as rugs when it comes to setting up the interiors. It not just gives you home a new look every few days but also prevents the floor from developing faded patches. When floors are covered with rugs or the furniture absorbs the sun’s rays, you no longer have to worry about faded floors. 

While this is a common problem faced by several homeowners who intend to enjoy timber flooring as well as natural light coming in all day long. Experts that involve in providing budget flooring suggest using sealants on the wood. This not just prevents moisture absorption but also keeps away sun rays from causing problems to the floor. Since you spend a lot of money on the installation, watching it fade away isn’t something you expect. 

Author's Bio: 

The author has had close associations with those that help out with budget flooring installation and writes this article to help people prevent timber floors from fading with tips coming from affordable timber flooring.