Appliances are essential parts of the kitchen. Their appearance has a significant effect on the room’s ambiance therefore it is important to update them once in a while to maintain a fresh atmosphere in the kitchen. New appliances can be expensive, if you’re not yet ready to buy new appliances there are plenty of ways to update them without purchasing.

Giving a makeover to your existing appliances might be daunting at the beginning, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can do it yourself. Here are four smart ways to make old appliances look new.

  • Paint them.

For a quick and easy update, change the colors of your appliances with appliance paints which you can buy in a hardware store. You can choose either brush or spray type depending on which one you are comfortable to use with. I find spray easier to use. Paints give you a wide choice of colors such as bright red, neon green, or stainless steel. You can even use a chalkboard paint which can turn an appliance into a custom canvas. For instance, you can use your refrigerator as a canvas to write notes and lists or create an art.

  • Replace some parts.

A new knob, handle, or door can greatly change the look of the appliance. There are many manufacturers that provides replacement parts which you can use to update the look of an appliance. There are also companies that supply parts customized to your specification. Replacing some parts is a clever way to complement the appliance to the design of your kitchen.

  • Use Peel and Stick Films.

Another quick and easy way to make old appliances look new is to use peel and stick films. This allows you to have a distinct design on your appliances as they come in different patterns, prints, and texture. Sticky films have higher heat tolerance than paints allowing you to use them on ovens.

  • Install wood panels.

If you are still daunting to update your appliances with the methods that are mentioned above, you can take advantage of wooden panels to keep your old appliances out of sight. Choose panels that complements with the design of your kitchen and hide the old appliances behind them. This is great especially for large appliances like a refrigerator. You may also hide electric kettles, coffee makers, and other small appliances in cabinets when not in use to have a tidier kitchen look.

Updating appliances is fun to do especially if you make it into a family project. It gives you plenty of options to design your kitchen and saves your money by not buying expensive replacements. This is also a great way to help the environment from the hazardous effects of dumping appliances on landfill. Try these four easy and affordable ways to update the look of your appliances and integrate them with your new kitchen design.

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