There are less than 4 months left in 2015, but that gives you plenty of time to meet and exceed your revenue goals for the year, if you’re smart about it.

These four ideas will turn up your sales volume before New Year’s…

1. Find the money sweet spot.

Ever heard of the hedgehog concept? Jim Collins made it famous. Think of your business as 3 circles of a Venn diagram:

* What you’re passionate about doing.
* What you’re really great at.
* What the world will pay you for.

The sweet spot is the intersection of those 3 circles. Get really good at doing what is in that intersection and keep doing it over and over again.

Like a hedgehog, you only need to know how to do one thing, if you do it well enough. That’s your sweet spot that will lead to increased revenues.

2. Think big.

Want to hit your goal of 6-figures by the end of 2015 but you still have $40K to earn? The best way to reach it is to set a goal of making $60K in the next 4 months. Does that sound crazy?

If you plan for a larger goal, reaching the smaller one will suddenly happen much more easily. You’ll work harder, longer, and smarter than if you only strived for $40K by year end.

3. Focus on repeat business.

The best way to increase your revenue in a short period of time, no matter what your business model, is to get your current clients or customers to buy more. Happy clients who have been willing to spend before will be wiling to spend again. It just might take some creativity to figure out how.

Talk to a few of them and find out what they need now. Determine what the next challenge for them will be once they successfully go through your current program. Figure out a new way to serve their new needs that can provide real value for them and you.

4. Spend wisely.

Don’t invest money in something for your business unless it’s going to make you money. Don’t spend every dollar you earn. Pay close attention to where you money is going.

Spending wisely applies to your time as well. Focus your time on activities that increase your revenue, while letting your team take on the tasks that they can do efficiently to save you money.

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