With the weather getting colder, you will need to put in place a number of measures to ensure you enjoy the same comfort and convenience you are used to. One of the factors to be mindful of is that your car engine may fail to start during the cold months of winter. Since there are days when you will be in a hurry, it is important to understand the possible causes and preventative measures.

Turn everything electric off

Whenever it is cold, you should ensure that everything electric is turned off so that you preserve battery power. Headlights, radios, windshield wipers, heaters and a host of other electrical accessories will definitely use up battery power. By switching them off, you will increase the chances of getting your engine running on a cold day. Once the engine is on, it is important to allow it to run for a while so that you do not kill the battery again. If any of these parts need replaced, visit a car parts yard like U Pull & Pay.

Ensure battery leads are cleaned and tightened

In case you cannot get the engine running, you should consider checking the car battery under the hood. One of the reasons the battery may not work properly is because of corrosion. If there is a salty and crusty substance on the battery leads, it would be important to disconnect the battery cables and have the points cleaned. Once this is done, ensure that the cables are replaced and tightened.

Turn your car on once a day

Leaving your car for long periods without being turned on may make it difficult for the engine to start. If you do not have a heated garage, you should consider plugging in your car so as to avoid problems on a cold day. An alternative to this would be to turn the car on at least once a day and leave the engine running for a few minutes.

Jump start

In the event that all other options fail, you can jump start your car. Get a neighbor or friend with a running car to come and help you out in case you are in a hurry. However, it is important to ensure that you know what you are doing so that you avoid causing damage to the car or hurting yourself.
One of the most crucial things to do so as to keep your engine in good condition at all times is to ensure proper and regular maintenance. Make sure that weary batteries are replaced, the gas tank is topped up and that you use the right oil.

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