If you're new to stock trading and want to learn how to buy stocks on your own, there are several things you can do. With a few simple strategies, you can make trading decisions without a broker and become more independent in your trading. Here's an overview detailing four ways to be a more independent stock trader.

Research the Stocks You Want to Buy

No matter what types of stocks you're interested in investing in, you'll need to do some research. Review the performance, any trends, and the stocks' average growth over time. Look for emerging markets and declining industries to make solid choices. 

There are many online platforms that let you analyze and research stocks for free, and you can use these resources to check up on various details about a specific stock you're trading. This is important because proper research can help you choose the most worthwhile stocks to invest in for your unique circumstances.

Take Advantage of Trading Tools and Resources

Trading tools and resources like stock screeners, chart analyses, and online trading platforms can keep you up to date on what's going on in the stock market and make managing your portfolio easier. If you're learning about the stock market as you begin to trade, you'll also find that many online trading platforms provide learning resources, so if there's a topic related to trading that you want to learn more about, take advantage of the educational tools that are featured on different trading platforms.

Start Trading Without a Broker

When you first start trading, you might find that using a stockbroker's services can be helpful to manage your portfolio and make sound investment decisions. While there are advantages of using a broker, consider buying stocks without one so you'll be more motivated to build on your knowledge of the stock market and how it works. You'll also save on the costs of using a broker's services.

Buying and selling stocks yourself can give you the push you need to learn more, perform research, and properly analyze stocks that you're trading. When you start navigating your trades on your own, you'll be closer to becoming a more independent stock trader.

Learn to Analyze and Manage Risk

All stock trading comes with inherent risks. The trick is to learn about the different levels of risk that come with certain stocks you buy. Learn how to analyze and manage investment risk by applying your research and analysis so that you know what to expect should the stocks you invest in take a dip. Typically, a lower risk usually means lower payouts, but higher-risk stocks can give you bigger returns, as long as you sell them at the right time.

These methods are excellent starting points for becoming more independent when stock trading and personal finance. As you develop your knowledge of the processes of the stock market and learn how to research and analyze stocks effectively, you'll naturally develop your ability to make solid investment choices in the future.

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