Planning an event is hard. And the hardest part is to take care of every small to the smallest detail of the event. Helping people to host events is more than planning decorations and booking the venue. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, birthday party, business meeting, product/service launch or an anniversary, pulling an event off requires lots of supplies and décors. Being an event planner, you need to organize everything and renting self storage in Marrickville can be of help. Even though most people think that self-storage units are only used for personal purposes, it is not the ultimate truth. You can rent these splendid storage rentals for business purposes as well. And if you are professionally an event planner, these storage units can benefit you in many ways. Self-storage units are designed for helping people declutter their places and store excess items in the units. Well, apart from personal use, they are highly beneficial for businesses. Here are the top 4 benefits of renting self-storage units for event planners:


1… You will get a perfect place for your event inventories:


Most event planners work out their homes. While many of them store most of their inventories in their home, some of them consider squeezing all the materials in their garage. Well, both these are not preferable for storing event supplies. Usually, we keep vehicles and seasonal items in our garage. And adding these extra belongings to your garage can make your place stuffed and difficult to find anything. Besides, the garage is open to rainwater and harsh weather, which can also ruin your items. While self-storage units come with temperature-control features to protect your belongings from harsh weather and damage.


2… You can store the bulky and heavy-weight items in these units:


Planning an event is not only about arranging the decoration and party props. Besides, you have to take care of the furniture sets as well. And you cannot possibly store all the chairs, tables and other bulky items in your place. It will not only make your house messy but also cluttered. Well, you can rent a self-storage unit for this purpose and store all your bulky event belongings in this safe and secure place. All you have to do is find the right storage unit for your packed items.


3… You can use the storage rental as an archive of your hosted events:


Hosting an event comes with tonnes of receipts, reference photos and other documents. And, when the event completes, all these items will pile up and take over your desk and home. Instead of throwing these away, you can rent a self-storage unit and store them for future use. Therefore, if you need these things for later use, you will know that they are in a safe place.


4… Your belongings will be safe and secure in storage pods:


It is essential to ensure that all your belongings are in safe hands while storing them somewhere. You may think that nothing can be safer than your home, but have you thought about it? Your garage may be locked but there could be pests or mould and mildews, which can ruin your event materials. On the other hand, if you think of renting a warehouse and separate storage space, it cannot guarantee you the utmost safety that a self-storage unit can. Featuring 24/7 surveillance and a unique lock system, they ensure that all your packed items are in safe hands.




Can’t find a good place to store your event materials? Well, you can think of renting a unit for self storage in Marrickville. With 24/7 security and temperature-control features, they can help you in many ways. And we hope this article with 4 above-mentioned points can help you understand that.

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