We are living in an era where we can't spend even a single minute without our Android-powered or i-enabled gadget. If you are like every other person, it might be hard for you to recall a day you last spent without using mobile technology.
Since our lives are growing intermingled with social networks, it is essential that businesses adapt. You need to capture prospects where they are in order for your business to make inroads. Here are 4 ways in which mobile content consumption is affecting your business.

Mobile Apps Are Taking Over Static Landing Pages

Presently, apps have overthrown static landing pages of a website, and it could bring in more sales. Apps prove to be an amazing development in the mobile marketing realm. Especially due to the following advantages:

- They are focused on a specific product or vertical.
- They don’t have to compete with big apps because they are made for prospects who are already interested in what you are offering them.
- They offer marketing advantages such as the ability to track user interactions.

When building an app, concentrate on providing a great user experience and keep it mobile-optimized as it can generate the greatest ROI.

Mobile Technology For News And Social Media

The days when newspapers were in vogue are long behind us. Now social networks are the major sources of news. This proves to be a lead for B2B marketers as they now know that consumers are willing to spend time on social networks with news sources they trust. Brands that are a respected source in the news-related industry can benefit from this trend. Meanwhile, other brands can start publishing news-focused articles and blogs on social outlets to gain traction.

‘Interactive’ And ‘Native’ Ads For Better User Experience

Choice-driven connectivity is what makes social media go round. Interactive and native ads are the two types of ads that harness the power of connectivity and intuitive usage. Marketers can use ads to solidify customer relationships and also to run behavioral analysis and tweaking. Ads often provide users with natural experience and bring in greater ROI.

While making ads, try to make it non-disruptive so that users can interact with your brand easily. Also, appear useful and relevant.

Mobile content consumption is not going to end any time soon. Therefore, think about all the trends your company could benefit from, and make the most out of it as soon as possible.

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