These days, you can’t possible deny the power of social media. The impact and influence of social media is on nearly everything these days and photography, especially Melbourne fashion photography is no different. From Snapchat sneak peeks to fashion shows on Instagram, social media is revolutionising fashion photography to a great extent.

These days, most people are aware of the fact that fashion photography as considered as a separate and unique form of photography. But this wasn’t always the case. Over the last few decades, people have worked hard to get fashion photography to where it is today.

So what changes has social media brought with this genre of photography?

Fashion spreads faster now: A few decades ago, the only way people could know about the latest fashion was through calendars and of course, fashion magazines. Advertisements weren’t that popular back then and people who didn’t follow fashion magazines resorted to the recommendations of their local retail stores. Things have drastically changed now as fashion designers can now share their work with thousands of people around the globe from anywhere in literally. All it needs is a few seconds to post. Instagram, for instance is a great platform for posting pictures of the latest collection of designers and it has the ability to get a good impression out of prospective clients.

DIY shoots have become incredibly popular:

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have a grand set or talented production executives. If you want to shoot your latest collection, all you need is a smartphone and social media platform. Focus on the positive elements here – Instagram has over 300 million members; with a single tap of a button, you can reach out to every one of them.

Isn’t that a much wider reach?

New faces are gaining recognition: Now imagine social media wasn’t there at all; would you have been interested in what the lesser known designers were up to? Most definitely not as you would have been more excited about the collections the globally renowned designers released. The thing is, lesser known doesn’t always been less talented. They might have less exposure or they might not have the means to reach out to a wider audience. But this line has totally vanished since the advent of social media. Such is the power of social media these days that all that matters today is the end result. If the pictures are nice and the work is good, even the most obscure designers will get recognition.

It builds up a client base: Perhaps the best thing about social media is that it has the ability to create a strong, loyal client base for designers. With the help of likes, shares and comment, designers can grow their community exponentially.

So these are the changes which social media has brought about in the field of fashion photography. Ask any commercial photographer in Melbourne today and then will all accept how social media has become a crucial part of their professional lives. You may not like it, but you can’t underestimate the importance of social media.

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