Do you have that project sitting on your desk that you keep putting off because it isn’t one of your preferred tasks or do you have a limited amount of time and need to get something out quickly? Do you need some research work done and just can’t seem to find the time? Would you just like to find more time to spend on marketing your business? Then working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) as a subcontractor may be the answer.

Here are a few jobs that a VA subcontractor can take on for you:

1. Proofing and Editing – When you are feeling the pressure to get that blog, article or press release out, not taking the time to proof your work will result in errors and a lack of professionalism. Working with another Virtual Assistant (VA) to proof your work, will ensure that the work goes out looking like it is written by the professional you are. Having another VA proof your work will also free up that time so you can work on something else.

2. Press Releases – Are you adding new skills or people to your organization? A press release is a very effective way to let people know about this. Are you a Publicity Specialist who offer press release writing for your clients? You can have another VA to help you write and proof the work and distribute it to various submission sites which can be very time consuming.

3. Article Marketing – Do you have some ideas that you would like to write informative articles but need to research some of the data? Working with a VA as a subcontractor to do this research work would free up your time and let you do something else. They could also do research on target markets, distribution sites and what others are writing about your topic. Once the article has been written, they could proof it and then submit it to various sites for you.

4. Direct Mailing Assistance – Are you thinking of doing a postcard or direct marketing campaign in the near future and need to find contact information? This is a time consuming job that could be subcontracted out. Having another VA collect and organize this information will allow that time to be devoted to other projects. Organizing your present contact information could be another task that a subcontractor could do for you.

The above tasks are just a few that could be subcontracted out to other VAs. You will work with professionals that understand what your business is about and you will be able to dip into a pool of skilled VAs that can help with many jobs. Ask yourself if the agony of procrastination is worth more than the cost of subcontracting some of this work out? There are many VAs that will gladly take on this type of work. Call one today.

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Are you looking for a VA subcontractor to help you with those time consuming tasks? CEVA Services offers Virtual Assistant subcontracting as well as press release and article writing and their distribution.
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