Carpet is one of the most vulnerable areas for mold growth. Mold usually develops in an enclosed environment or damp surface and ruins your costly masterpiece. Carpet is an essential part of home decor that spruces up your living space and adds a style statement to the home decor. What if your carpet starts giving off a musty odour? Sometimes you might find it difficult to figure out the cause and seek help online. To ease you out of the trouble, we have listed a few warning signs that will help you identify whether your carpet has mold.

Musty Odour from Carpet

If you suddenly find your carpet giving off a musty odour, it's a sure indication that it has developed mold. If there are damp areas in your home, the smell becomes even more prominent. If you stay most of the time at home, you should conduct periodic checks to identify whether your carpet smells bad. An unpleasant smell from your carpet is sufficient to leave a negative impression on your guests. If you come across any evidence of mold and grime, get in touch with experts for professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane without further delay.


Water-Damaged Carpet

It's common for a carpet to develop mildews if it remains wet for more than a day. Did you come across damp spots underneath your carpet anytime? If so, it might be due to leakage of the carpet pad. Molds do not require a lot of water to develop. Even if you accidentally drop a few droplets of water or spill a drink, mildews can grow and spread at a rapid pace. If it is not treated well in advance, you can't blame the carpet for molds. Stains or water spills can't be treated single-handedly. If you come across any such situation, do not delay to contact the professionals for treating mold under carpet pad.

High Possibilities of Allergies

If mildews and grime on a carpet are not treated for a long time, it can give rise to several health hazards such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis and critical respiratory problems. If your family members frequently fall sick or become a victim of asthma, it can be due to mold growth on carpet. Most homeowners neglect to take regular care of their carpet and end up with several health issues. It's utmost essential to conduct frequent carpet inspection so that it becomes easier to detect carpet mold symptoms and take necessary precautions in advance to prevent them from spreading further.

Discoloured Carpet

If you think it's difficult to detect carpet mold, hold on! It's not that challenging at all. You can have a look at the fabrics to diagnose the issue. If the mold has developed a few months back, you will come across a slight discoloration of the carpet fibres. Apart from this, you might notice black spots or green marks all over the fabrics. While checking out for discolouration, at first, you should check the carpet pad underneath to detect the cause of the discoloration. Most of the time, the surface underneath your carpet becomes damped due to which the colour of the carpet fades quickly.

Bottom Line

Has your carpet developed green spots all over? Is it giving off an unpleasant smell? Carpet mold is a serious concern which needs to be addressed instantly; otherwise, it will not only damage the fibres but lead to severe health issues. Moreover, molds are the major culprit behind respiratory issues and nagging health hazards.

If you find it difficult to treat molds on your own, you can hire professional carpet cleaning experts who can do the task with perfection.

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